Next years words awaits a fresh new voice

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2019 was all about planning, putting my ducks in order and certainly adjusting to some exciting and nerve racking changes.

I have gone on numerous adventures and have come away with some unforgettable memories. Really heavy bumps and incredible highs. Loving and loosing, failing and accomplishing in regards to education and career. It’s been crazy and I’ve grown along the way!

2020 is a time where I settle into my new changes, absorb every bit of learning and adapt in order to do so, being present is part of my resolution. Taking each day at a time, really focusing on the day in front of me and so far… I’m on track.

Toning and loosing a few pounds! Sticking to my no carb for lunch diet and no sugar all week except weekends. It was one hell of a struggle to balance these things in my life since being full time. But I found my balance and mojo and can’t wait to kick it!

Lastly, I would like to focus on a hobby. I have always done gym and cheer but since I am training others in one and being trained in both I would like to focus on something all by myself and conquer! I’ve seen some amazing stretches from the girls in cheer, some fantastic core strength and flexibility in some people who partake in yoga! The positions look so cool and and talented, I would love to achieve that high level of focus, flexibility and all round toning!

Just thoughtful view points/ reca for the upcoming future:

Professionally 2020:

I am so excited to see what 2020 brings, various marketing projects where I can highlight my skills, to which have already been recognised with high praise! I am always learning and growing as a person so to know that 2020 is looking up to be a huge lesson learner is so exciting! I would love more responsibility and I am getting a taster of it as we peak into the new year and it’s just such a wonderful feeling knowing your progressing and succeeding and what you love doing.

Emotionally in 2020:

Being present is so key. We often get so excited about the future and that’s natural! But the facts are, whatever you wish for and hope to achieve will come if you work hard enough and then once it’s there you look back and what you could have payed more attention too! You keep wishing for things to happen you by pass all the other things you wished for in the past that are currently happening. Also being present helps you retain information better and have a a clearer mind space and that’s a huge plus!


buddhism, my inspiration

Wow, so many distractions from work to holidays to finding jobs… my pt has still been going on but my mind and body are certainly not on form.

I hate to admit when I have been lazy but at the same time I can’t give over that I am perfect. However, I pride myself on how I will always big myself up. At the end of the day I have maintained a great shape and I have more of a balance diet than a crazy healthy one. But with all these distractions it’s starting to take its toll.

My mind feels sluggish my legs feel sleepy. If this ain’t a wake up call I don’t know what is, I feel bloated constantly and that was one of the reasons I went down the healthy route to stop feeling so sluggish.

Tricks to stop this:

I am going to repeat the same foods

Shredded wheat and blueberries

Semi milk

1x Omelette with peppers and onion with a banana for a snack

If in work (pasta and tuna or pesto with pepper and onion)

Dinner made (always healthy)

Burn 400 cal on bike and do 20 minute hit sessions

This may be hard because I’ve been snacking a lot more than I’d like to admit. So this will definitely make me realise the lack of control I had during the next two weeks. But I need a serious detox and I have a good amount of time off work too so there shouldn’t be any distractions.



One cheat day

No snacks until cheat day

Stay focused ❤️


I really do treat my little corner of the internet like a diary and you can take from this what you will but hopefully this gives other motivation and inspiration on bettering themselves I found an amazing quote from Tony Robinson.

“No matter how many mistakes you make or slow the progress is your still doing better than everyone who isn’t trying.” – Tony Robinson.

Start your day right guys! Good luck with any challenges.

The beginning of the end

buddhism, my inspiration

Click. End of all my submissions. Click. Three years of university are over.

Wow, well that was fast and never did I expect everything that happened to me would actually happen. Predicting the future was one of the toughest pills to swallow at the beginning of university

“This isn’t for me… what am I going to do? Who am I? Who am I or who do I even want to be? Where do I want to be?”

The journey was daunting, incredible, frightening, delicious and over all a success from the bottom of my heart.

It started off rocky, I hit a flat road (almost like those long stretches of road you see in America, beautiful scenery, watching and observing) and then the final hurdle which was more like a gradual climb. Nothing strenuous, just a gradual stepping stone of realisation that the journey is coming to an end and often looking back down to see how far you’ve come.

I’ve taken many steps and had many moments of looking back. To start I have often reflected on the bad times and have taken it as complete accretion – what’s life without lessons! I think it’s so important to reflect and take a breath. I’ve learnt rushing round and trying to get answers/ results FAST! You have to be patient in this life and take each day as it comes. This philosophy proved to be the best mind set for me.

I look at all of what I accomplished and how far I’ve come as a person and blessed that I saw it all till the end and with a greater understand of what and where I want to be. I see the people around me and just want to hug them till it hurts because they have been everything for me and I know their love and support will continue because these people are one in a million❤️

I’m just so happy to come away with the three years experience and feel blessed. I’m anxious to see what the future holds but I feel confident in myself and whats in reach! … Last stop 🎓 graduation!

Check out some of my work:


It’s been a good minute

buddhism, my inspiration

Since starting uni my life is trains, essays and a lot of planning a head of schedule so my time on here has been limited.

I have some time tonight and thought why not talk about everything I’m scheduling, yes I know I treat this like a diary but perhaps I can help.

So uni newsdays/ placement is well and truly done so I am reunited with my loved ones, bed and getting on with all my important deadlines ❤️ I’m really going to miss this when I leave.

Talking about the end goals, I am planning well ahead before the big graduation day comes. I can’t tell you how many cv I have sent out to set up a job at the end and I have had some amazing opportunities from some and a recent one lately that I Hope goes well.

As well, planning my trip away with the girls! BALI!!!!!!!! I knew this day would come and I am just unbelievably blessed to have these girls in my life. I can’t wait to live it up in May. A great big hurra when I end uni in May.

I have been pre planning my meals and outfits and saving well ahead of time and the amazing thing is I don’t feel too stressed. At times I need to juggle and it gets hard but who doesn’t love a bit of pressure.

I can safely say I have thoroughly enjoyed the end of my uni journey along with every beautiful thing and everyone who’s been in it.

  • I will be updating you guys on where I have been ordering my latest summer outfits and my tactics to get use out of one item. Sales can only help a girls purse string so far, upcycle is also something I’m really trying to get to grips with as well because it’s just so important! gotta make stuff last and the trick is to make it look different!

Smiling at the future

buddhism, my inspiration

I always say to myself everyday, “I hope my loved ones and myself are happy, safe and healthy” to me those are three most important things in life and the universe has served us well.


  • I was dealt with a lot highs and a lot of lows this year, going into the new year with very little certainty of my future, of the people around me. I felt the biggest blow with my Nan passing, I never predicted it. She was gone and the realisation was frightening but we always knew how loved and how loving she was, she really was amazing❤️

I hit a turning point in my life…

Come March I really found my place.

  • My summer had to be one of the best summers, I met the most amazing people and I am so proud of myself for putting myself out there because I have now found the best people, my life long friends! The love and respect I receive is overwhelming and I couldn’t ask for better people to come into my life.
  • I’ll always remember this year, I found my best friend who is she truly a blessing! Always got my back and I could go on forever but she is everything a gorgeous person and I’m so lucky, future looks good with this kid!

  • I had the most amazing trip to Thailand, I worked so hard for! Getting fit and healthy and has really made an impact on my everyday life!
  • Ben and I had an amazing time and I got to see even more how he is so beautiful inside and out, he will always be so good to me when I need him the most, he makes me feel so special and he is truly one of a kind and such a gorgeous human. I really got to see my future with him this trip and I always consider him as all of me I can see we truly are one

  • I really have flourished in University I’m embracing it like would never imagined. I will be so gutted to finish because my topics of choice are everything to me and I’m really starting to make an impact ready for next year!
  • My 21st birthday, the BEST birthday yet!!!!!! I was so spoilt and I had everyone around me that I love so dearly to which made my birthday, it truly was one I’ll never forget (or remember consider I was so drunk) but I remember half of the night so that counts!


There is so much to look forward too next year, I have so many assignments due which I look forward too I know I’m freak but that’s me ok.

  • Graduation
  • A lush family holiday with Ben and potential holiday on the cards with my g’s
    Just general love laugh play is what I see for myself in 2019!
  • The first year I’m going into with such positivity and lack of dread! There will always be bumps in life its never perfect but when you got the people you know treasure you and support you, it lessers the blow! As long as you and everyone you love is happy, safe and healthy that is what I’ll always prey for.
  • I’m thankful for all the people around me this 2018 going into 2019

    Merry Christmas and happy new year 🥰❤️

    Body analysis


    This time off from university has been amazing, I’ve loved spending time with all of the people I love so much. It’s been one hell of a summer! But with summer closing, it means winter starvation kicks in.

    I did a Body analysis with my Personal trainer today and here are my goals for the month ahead.

    I am 22.3% fat as a whole

    Weighing 118 lbs

    53 kg

    So this is a healthy amount of body fat but the target is…

    to loose to 1.3% body fat in 4 weeks. Which is apparently WAY tougher than loosing a 1lb in weight. Nervous but so excited. One day of a cheat day and I can’t go mad. Thank you mark for letting me have at least a pizza day😇

    This past week has been all about eating dairy and eating bad before my last good byes for a month. Wednesday and Thursday was chippy and Indian day full of coconut and cream and lots of carbs and cheese. Stake night tonight and cheese cake with cream…

    Dieting is mindful control! you must feed good thoughts in order to meet your goals. Dieting is 80% and exercise is 20% a good positive attitude can help you achieve 100%

    Im so excited to start my final year and burn lots of energy whilst dieting, that always helps drop weight!!

    So excited!!

    Let’s do this!!!!


    Use the app tracker

    And drink 1 and half ltr

    Lots of chicken and veg

    Whole grain pasta

    Cheat days – 1 day only

    Moderate in the week:

    Peanut butter!


    Fruit intake

    Carb based foods

    Too much milk

    Day 3 and 4 of my health and fitness plan


    I guess I should have stated in my latest posts thst the 800/900 calorie diet is quiet drastic. I am aware that it is something thst could be very effective but harmful too. I have stated thst it can give you the following if carried out for too long: nausia, head aches, dizziness, etc.

    I have made a health post not so long ago but not ever gone reads my posts so just to illustrate again:

    Please consult your doctor! Always do your research. 800 calories diet is legit, I have followed many books and I have done my research on my BMI and whether I’m eligible. To which I am to continue. But only for a week guys!!! I know I said I’ll be doing for another week but that is hardly a week. I’ll be doing this for 4 days. Having a very bad chest day. And then doing it again for another 5 days and back to my cheat weekend. That’s the best way to do it in my eyes. And you loose more by the end of the weekend because your body goes into overdrive.


    I have no pictures because I have been in work today! I’m so sorry but half of it you have already seen. So ill be having my


    Rice, lettuce, tomatoes, chillie con carne.

    Dinner is chicken and mushrooms with rice.


    It comes to around 1,000 calories so I haven’t got target and I got around 125g of carbs today.


    Today is a good day and here is what I had!

    My favourite breakfast again!

    An omlete with low fat cheese spread, spinage and avocado!

    My own recipe. Some spaghetti with half a cup of grated cheese and tiny bit of butter and water to melt it all together. Boiled until stringy and then add spinage and prawns (already cooked) to blend in with the rest of the food.

    These last two days have been hard to keep track of and I am a little bit disappointed but when you get knocked down you have to pick yourself back up again. Next week is a fresh start. Always keep trying.

    Atleast I have been active today and I have burnt 700+ calories!!!!

    Day 2 of my health and fitness plan

    health, Style

    My motivation today has been my new bikinis! They are so gorgeous and I can’t wait to flaunt them on the beach – summer bod here we come! I bought this set from Shein, an amazing site, and where I bought majority of my holiday clothes, so I can’t wait to show you them as well. But so far so good with my health plan, I have noticed how quick I can bounce back from 1,200 calories to 800/900 calories which is a skill in itself!


    Today I have been craving for some carbs but all in moderation, I have been using my app yesterday and today to keep track of everything I consume. The app I use is NutraCheck. Its so simple and easy and I just love it, without it, my diet wouldn’t be as carefully monitored, its surprising how some things you believe are healthy when in fact they are not! Always check ingredients!

    I am crazy crazy for these Warbutons seeded protein bagels. So thin for bagels, but omg they are so filling. I also use Whole earth Cashew peanut butter, banana’s and a tiny bit of honey onto to give into my sweet tooth. Mother Nature has made her monthly visit ladies… so I’m calling for any help in the sweet department.
    Warbutons seeded bagels 60g
    Rowse Manuka honey 16g
    Whole earth Cashews peanut butter 30g
    Small banana 
    = 472 calories and 57.1g of carbs



    Image – Feast and West Website.

    (The image is not mine, I took it from Feast and West because I again ate my food before I took an image, but the likeness is there.) Yes, I have embellished in more bread, but please don’t point the finger because its hard! I am always on top of how much I am consuming anyways, so one white toast. I would have preferred wholegrain or rye bread but momma bear has gone shopping and I’m too lazy. Mushed up avocado, and a thin later of low fat cream cheese., it’s always better to have fats in your diet and one organic fried egg. My favourite lunch!
    white toast 23g slice
    low fat cream cheese 30g
    half Avocado
    fried egg
    = 275 cals and 13.5g of carbs

    My replacement burgers – Spinach and pumpkin quorn burgers are amazing! I just love having these to go, when I am at college or work! They are lovely with a side of vegetables, and I prefer to have them with runny beans. I feel as though one of these is enough because they do the trick!
    Pumpkin and spinach quorn burgers 80g
    runner beans 60g
    = 172 cal and 21g of carbs

    OVERALL = I have had 919 calories, 75% carbs today, so under 100 and I have burnt around 400 calories in the gym!


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    My replacement pancakes to make breakfast fun whilst dieting


    Pancakes have become my craving since my trip to Kaspas. For those unaware, it is a desert joint that serves anything and everything sweet. In this picture by here…

    Pancakes are not all that bad, as there is no sugar in them but just a lot of carbs. They become bad when you add caramel, ice cream, Nutella and chocolate chunks… my mouth is watering but anyways.

    Porridge was all I was having for breakfast and not the usual porridge you buy. I have been buying the Tesco free from gluten pure oats pack. Purely oats!!! No added sugars nor powdered milk.

    I have been craving so bad for pancakes and I found a way to make my breakfast more fun in the week by having them with less wheat and more oats. Here’s the trick:

    Step one! The main ingredient:

    Buy plain oats, wheat free, your much better off:check out this product from Tesco that I always buy. I always measure my oats, as its good to know how much your consuming rather than guessing so I measure my oats up to 30g.

    Step two:

    I measure self raising flour (gluten free) by 20g which is usually two big tablespoons.

    Step three:

    Then add one raw egg, a teaspoon of Whole earth smooth peanut butter, 100 ml of soya milk, I buy the cashew or roasted Alpro milk its so sweet and only 21 calories. Remember this should all be in a good size mixing bowl.

    Step four:

    I then wisk or blend it all until the oats are broken down and the ingredients are runny and smooth. A blender is best as the oats are really hard to grind.Add a tea spoon of butter to the pan and pour the mix.

    Be warned, because there isn’t much flour, the pancake will break a little as you try and get under the pancake yiu may not get it first time. You have to let the heat get to the bottom for a while and go round the edge of the pancake with a spatula and turn the pan around so the mix on top can burn on the sides. Keep repeating this a few times.

    Everyone loves a perfectly round pancake.

    Step five:

    Then add some banana’s and dice them up thin so you have more to eat and I always add some Manuka honey for extra sweetness but not too much…

    Incredibly filling! I ate this pancake at 10:00 am and didn’t eat until 2:00. For some thats fine but to me thats weird, as I always have lunch at around 12 because I’m starving by then.

    I hope you guys try this out and love it as much as I do, its really great to have as a replacement but try and stay away from those sugary spreads because this oat pancake becomes useless, give it the love it deserves. Treats are for the weekend!

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