What I think about the Revamped Unicorn Cosmetic brushes

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Of a rating from 1 to 10 on quality, it’s a 10. On a rating of 1 to 10 for applying it’s a 10. So soft and leave no streak marks im sold. These brushes blend so easily! This professional brush kit is extremely luxurious, in just the packaging itself. The only brush I dislike is the eyebrow sculpting brush. It does not apply my product on the way I would like compare to my other eyebrow brush shapers.

There is peice of paper on top of the diamond case that comes with instructions from left to right on how the brushes work. So in that case for people who are unfamiliar with certain brushes you would have to remember what the brushes are for each time you use them, these brushes are pretty self explanatory if your a makeup lover. For first timers, perhaps technique brushes with labels on the handle of what certain brushes are would be better, to get used to the shape and angle of brushes.

Picture ready?

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REAL lips for the countdown kiss!

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It’s new years eve eve and what better blog post to do than a quick review and tutorial on the REAL Technique limmited edition lip kit, ready for your 12pm kiss!

I got this pretty kit for my birthday, the handy case tube is something on its own. It has a little mirror at the end of the case for on the move touch ups, so if your struggling to get to the girls bathroom, as new years is crazy, you’ll have no struggles!

The kit comes with four brushes, to help you line, texturise, colour and exfoliate/plump your lips. The kit was made from the creators, Sam and Nic, who are infact sisters. Well thanks Sam and Nic because your my lip savour. For ages I was using sharp ends to exfoliate and plump my lips but now I have these beauties.

To check out how they worked for me follow my pics below:

My lips before I used the flat smoothing brush.

When using this smoothing brush, its best to use vaseline or anything oily on the lips to help glide the brush. The hairs on the brush are quiet tough and would hurt very much on dry lips.

A Few minutes later…

Then the lip brush to colour in my Ted Baker nude créme lipstick.

Next is the liner to perfect the outline of my lips.

And then to wipe away over lineing and to shadow the cupids bow with highlight.


This is how my lips looked after…

My overall view is beyond positive. I have received the gift of all gifts for my lips. Winter can be harsh so always take care of your pout and make sure to exfoliate the dead and dry skin with lots of Vaseline. The flat smooth brush is my favourite by far as it’s replaced anything pointy in my room to compensate as a tool for massaging my lips. The brushes are smooth and they glide lovely onto the lips! A perfect gift for the perfect kiss.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE AND ALL MY FANTASTIC FOLLOWERS. Thanks for reading this year and keep me posted on your own posts👍

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Safe tan with Dove cell moisturizing summer glow 

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Fake tanning can be a pain. Its sticky and smelly and can often be streaky.

But Dove summer revived tanning body lotion smells like biscuits!! Non streaky!! Very natural!!

This is my absolute go too bottle after I get out of the shower or bath.

I noticed the result in just a day! This stuff is so much better for your skin as it clearly states it’s a cell moisturiser. Unlike ordinary fake tan that blocks your pores and makes you spotty.

I’ve seen so many reviews. I got the bottle and I’m a fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.s this bottle comes in fair to medium and medium to dark.

Prime before you apply

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With Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer!

I never really understood why girls bought this, because I just kept thinking, “Oh for God sake not another primer for something.”

Ugh, yes Jess. Of course! Now that I have used it I can never go back to just applying my shadow without primer.

As much as these amazing palettes like Urban Decay and Morphe are with their perfect pigments, they are still nothing without a good primer to make those colours stand out for what colour they truly are.

The top shade is burnt orange without primer, and the bottom shade is still burnt orange with primer.

Don’t tell me you can’t see the difference!

The first appliance is lovely but so faded you can’t really make out if it is peachy, light brown or hints of orange. Until you see with the primer base. You can defiantly see that copper tone, burnt orange coming through.

This burnt orange shade is within the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette.

I hope this has convinced you bloggers to go out and buy this product because it truly is worth it!!!!!

Blackhead strip remover

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You know those black head strips that are going around social media lately, very disgusting but very satisfying.

I have found some in my local store Homebargains.

I wasn’t too sure whether I should buy them because I thought they were too good to be true. I mean…come on, black heads can’t be that easy to get out surely because they are stubborn little critters!

BUT these strips are incredible.

I use them all the time on my face and I’m obsessed with seeing the results. I’ve just tried it on my boyfriend and now he is obsessed.

This picture doesn’t really do it justice. There is so many on there.

You just wet the area of your nose and apply the smooth surface onto the nose. For 10 minutes.

They are not a lot of money, they are around £2 but there is not a lot inside the pack if I’m honest.


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Kylie lip kit is truly amazing. Our Jenner won’t distribute bad quality cosmetics now would they.

I am very happy I spent the money to get one. Long lasting and non smudge! It’s actually so hard to get off your lips.

Here is the Koko K and I also bought the Posie K which is my favourite. Anyways…

Believe it or not this is after nearly more than six scrubs! It’s so hard to get off, so it’s great for when your on a night out having drinks or a nice meal out.

This is after six more scrubs. I know my scrubbing is accurate but I can’t get over how great this lip kit is. You won’t even have to worry about taking it out with you because it won’t leave your lips!

Keep it Clinique 

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This Clinique foam cleanser is fantastic for taking off makeup and certainly for your skin. I have wanted to try Clinique for a very long time and I am satisfied with the outcome.

This product is not harsh to my face at all and I am pleased to find something that isn’t as I have sensitive skin. This product is so creamy and moisturising.

It’s not so much foamy? Until you rub it in your face A LOT! but foamy? Nope. My face felt so soft, smooth, refreshing and not tight. It’s still always best to put a bit of moisturiser on.

Comment down below if you want or have Clinique products, I’d love to hear your views.

love love love this stuff xxx

Dyed your hair? You best start reading

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Tonight I’m playing with my hair and admiring it from my mirror as I’ve previously dyed my hair blonde and then I thought “Wait it didn’t feel this dry before?”
Of course dying your hair is fun but so damaging. I found a great way to give your hair a little treat after every 3x days of washing your hair.

Get this coconut lotion from Superdrug it’s the best potion for your locks!

Coconut water and coconut oil masque.

I love this strong coconut and hair product smell when I use it. I wish I could put this on all the time but my hair would be so greasy and it would take the natural oils out of course.

You need to get two tea spoons of the lotion and put in the pot. Mix it with some Moroccan oil or olive oil to get that more liquid affect and warm up in micro wave for 50 seconds/1 minute. not too hot.

It’s nice and warm so when you apply and rub it into the Scalp it gives a nice relaxing head massage.

With the brush, Simply scoop from the pot and apply, brushing down from the scalp to the ends of hair and leave in for 10 minutes once finished. I recommened not to use conditioner after. Only use shampoo and then rinse.

Remember to brush hair from the bottom up so you don’t wrip your hair out.

(All superdrug brands)

Hope you guys like and maybe buy this let me know! x

HEATLESS Overnight gorgeous wavey curls✨ 

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This is a fun easy tip and review on the amazing Bed Head that produces amazing curls in any sort of style you want your hair to go.

Heres the bad boy that makes it all stay in place and sets the curls off.

You can get this from Ecsentual. Very reasonable price as well, as it doesn’t kill your hair and makes it look fuller and healthier.

^^^^Here is a brilliant example of luscious curls with out ANY HEAT! I love this quick and easy tip.

  • Wash your hair and use some nice healthy products for your hair, especially the ends as you will be wearing your hair up in the night – Perhaps Moroccan oil
  • The next step is brushing your hair from top to bottom, making sure you hair is knot free

It’s like an orange cotton candy – BA’ BANG!

  • Tie up your hair in three sections in the pony tail

  • You only need this amount for each section of hair you apply with Bed Head
  • Then smooth through the strand and make sure all of the strand has the appliance covering. If you feel like you haven’t got enough use more but make sure the strand isn’t dripping in the product. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pin it to your head because it will not stay up correctly

  • Get two fingers and begin to wrap the section of hair all around towards the tip of the fingers

  • When you have reached the end of your fingers, tuck the last bit in and scrunch together

  • As you can see by the last picture, when youve scrunched together have a good grip and hold the circle of hair


  • Then you get LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of Bobby pins and secure the donut/ ring (what ever you want to call it.)

The best way to know it’s secure give your head a little wiggle. It’s not going to work if it’s loose when going to bed. Also, you can poke your finger through one of the curlers and see if it is a perfect circle because it will help for the final affect. You don’t want the curls looking squashed.

Now leave in for 8 hours over night ZZZZZZZZZZZ zzzzz ZZZZZZZZZZZ

It is now 9 am and when you get up to do this, take the clips out and run the pony tail through to loosen up the curls

And there you have luscious curls🌷

Here’s another style you can do with Bed Head. When making ordinary plaits apply lots of bed head before bed and – Hello – Beach waves.

I’m crazy about Bed Head because it’s basically a gel and you don’t need to use hair spray. Gel for girls is hard when you have long hair but this bottle keeps everything looking fresh and fierce all day and night… For days even!!!!!

PLEASE don’t feel disappointed if it doesn’t go 100% the first time round it will still look lovely but it may not be as curly. keep trying it!!!! It took me a 2x attempts just because of poor technique at first but hopefully this step is helpful for you guys💙

My weapon to make my hair stay immaculate all night

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Nothing has come close to what this hair spray does for me on a night out. wearing hair spray is annoying snd it gets stiff and hard to comb out in the morning but you need to keep those curls in right? Well dont worry about your hair looking stiff with just one spray like some would…

…Because this bottle does wonders for you! My hair looks so natural and loose. It is onky until you reach for my hair and actually feel the texture after hairspray you realise I’m wearing some. It’s amazing.

Here’s my hair when I went out for prom at the beginning (it’s the only proper before and after pic I have.)


You can faintly see by the end of the night picture the curl is still prominent😎 it’s such a brilliant product but obviously still withholds the annoying hair spray feature of trying to comb it out-It’s very hard so always brush from the bottom up of your hair so you don’t pull your hair out x