Day 3 and 4 of my health and fitness plan


I guess I should have stated in my latest posts thst the 800/900 calorie diet is quiet drastic. I am aware that it is something thst could be very effective but harmful too. I have stated thst it can give you the following if carried out for too long: nausia, head aches, dizziness, etc.

I have made a health post not so long ago but not ever gone reads my posts so just to illustrate again:

Please consult your doctor! Always do your research. 800 calories diet is legit, I have followed many books and I have done my research on my BMI and whether I’m eligible. To which I am to continue. But only for a week guys!!! I know I said I’ll be doing for another week but that is hardly a week. I’ll be doing this for 4 days. Having a very bad chest day. And then doing it again for another 5 days and back to my cheat weekend. That’s the best way to do it in my eyes. And you loose more by the end of the weekend because your body goes into overdrive.


I have no pictures because I have been in work today! I’m so sorry but half of it you have already seen. So ill be having my


Rice, lettuce, tomatoes, chillie con carne.

Dinner is chicken and mushrooms with rice.


It comes to around 1,000 calories so I haven’t got target and I got around 125g of carbs today.


Today is a good day and here is what I had!

My favourite breakfast again!

An omlete with low fat cheese spread, spinage and avocado!

My own recipe. Some spaghetti with half a cup of grated cheese and tiny bit of butter and water to melt it all together. Boiled until stringy and then add spinage and prawns (already cooked) to blend in with the rest of the food.

These last two days have been hard to keep track of and I am a little bit disappointed but when you get knocked down you have to pick yourself back up again. Next week is a fresh start. Always keep trying.

Atleast I have been active today and I have burnt 700+ calories!!!!