HEATLESS Overnight gorgeous wavey curls✨ 

This is a fun easy tip and review on the amazing Bed Head that produces amazing curls in any sort of style you want your hair to go.

Heres the bad boy that makes it all stay in place and sets the curls off.

You can get this from Ecsentual. Very reasonable price as well, as it doesn’t kill your hair and makes it look fuller and healthier.

^^^^Here is a brilliant example of luscious curls with out ANY HEAT! I love this quick and easy tip.

  • Wash your hair and use some nice healthy products for your hair, especially the ends as you will be wearing your hair up in the night – Perhaps  Moroccan oil
  • The next step is brushing your hair from top to bottom, making sure you hair is knot free  

It’s like an orange cotton candy – BA’ BANG!

  • Tie up your hair in three sections in the pony tail 

  • You only need this amount for each section of hair you apply with Bed Head
  • Then smooth through the strand and make sure all of the strand has the appliance covering. If you feel like you haven’t got enough use more but make sure the strand isn’t dripping in the product. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pin it to your head because it will not stay up correctly

  • Get two fingers and begin to wrap the section of hair all around towards the tip of the fingers

  • When you have reached the end of your fingers, tuck the last bit in and scrunch together

  • As you can see by the last picture, when youve scrunched together have a good grip and hold the circle of hair


  • Then you get LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of Bobby pins and secure the donut/ ring (what ever you want to call it.)

The best way to know it’s secure give your head a little wiggle. It’s not going to work if it’s loose when going to bed. Also, you can poke your finger through one of the curlers and see if it is a perfect circle because it will help for the final affect. You don’t want the curls looking squashed.

Now leave in for 8 hours over night ZZZZZZZZZZZ zzzzz ZZZZZZZZZZZ

It is now 9 am and when you get up to do this, take the clips out and run the pony tail through to loosen up the curls

And there you have luscious curls🌷

Here’s another style you can do with Bed Head. When making ordinary plaits apply lots of bed head  before bed and – Hello – Beach waves.

I’m crazy about Bed Head because it’s basically a gel and you don’t need to use hair spray. Gel for girls is hard when you have long hair but this bottle keeps everything looking fresh and fierce all day and night… For days even!!!!!

PLEASE don’t feel disappointed if it doesn’t go 100% the first time round it will still look lovely but it may not be as curly. keep trying it!!!! It took me a 2x attempts just because of poor technique at first but hopefully this step is helpful for you guys💙


Skirt alert💜

A series post on skirts🌸

This posts is just a little shout out to my friends and family who are relishing in this falls major staple. Skirts galore.

Lauren. H.

Such a stunning winter look! Here my friend has got it completely right, a long sleeve grey ribbed snug top, black tights and she has evened it out perfectly with the dark tonal colours. ( I love the bag .)

Where from??

Emily .M.

My sister, My forever soul mate. She pulls this off so elegantly. She is daring the weather with her strappy top this winter season but at least she has the rain coat. Skinned tights Emily? Defiantly loving this skirt. You could add a dark green scarf or bag to which would make a lovely ‘quirky’ touch to the outfit.

Emily .M.

Her all in black look is effortlessly chic. I’m literally in love with this look. to make it more fitting for the weather of course, you’d need to add a coat, perhaps a denim jacket with skin tone tights or a nice wooly cut off the shoulder jumper. The jumper should be very slouchy but not too big where it covers up the flower detail on the skirt. Prefabably in charcoal grey or maroon you can get these in H&M.

Where from?

  • Two skirts from boohoo,
  • The red jacket from a charity shop,
  • The red body suit from urban outfitters and the black top from TOPSHOP x
Gina .C.

Adore!!! such simple items but put together they look incredible! I really like her socks showing above her Doc boots and the top coming over the skirt rather than tucked in. You can get a quarter sleeved top like this in H&M and primark for something quick and cheap. If you want more quality here’s a lovely top in OASIS.

Where from??

Isabel .M.

These last two blue denim ones are so cute! I think this one has a more sweeter look to it. The colour on her loose frilled strappy top is very warm, she can wear a nice wooly Cardigan and a scarf – pulling off an incredible indie outfit along with her rucksack.

Where from??

I would love to here all your comments on which look you prefer. I’m interested to see🤗 thanks for reading x

ALERT! What is hot for winter💥🛍


Would you believe it…Yes it’s freezing now BUT skirts are the one. You just put on some lovely warm thermal tights (and they genuinely look like any normal thin type tights.) You will be looking and feeling hot anywhere you go. You can get thermal tights from-> Peacocks

Number 1.)

  • Here is a lovely floral dark tone skirt with a Satan finish. I love this outfit because no matter where you go and what you wear with it the skirt just blends into any occasion 
  • It’s casual and its luxurious! Meal out, shopping or even school!
  • I’d defiantly wear this to uni with a nice long coat BUT defiantly tights. Brrrrrrrrr

Number 2.)

Oh how nervous am I to try this on! But you got to start somewhere

Some clothes can be daunting, on first appearance. I’ve had more than my share of “I’m not going to bother trying to put that on me omg it will look awful” and 9 times out of 10 just out of curiosity I try it on and I’m so WRONG

  • Animal print always seems like a dated fashion in my eyes. But it always comes back. Whether its because I’ve grown up with fashion more and more but i am starting to really love the animal print. However, every time it comes out I’m always cautious of when I buy something like this I think ‘will it leave again soon.’ The Answer to my own question is yes but at the same time, no. Keep those animal prints because they always make another break through. (Depending on style)
  • I’m determined to get this skirt because so much can go with this…

…Like these baby’s 

  • Over the knee boots are so in right now and they are amazing boots especially with the low heel. You don’t look so bold and out there with the low heel, the suttle heel makes the boots look so sweet and casual but also high end
  • They defiantly bring the wardrobe together with your skinny jeans and any top!!!!!!!! Even a baggy plain t-shirt! Anything goes with these boots. 

ESPECIALLY with this nnext skirt…

This grey wooly looking skirt

  • It just screams this seasons go to winter wear
  • The tie up at the front and the colour gives it so many elements…interview skirt. Work uniform. From formal and sophisticated events to meals and nights out, friends house, shopping and school. All these casual events would go with the over knee boots!!!!  

I hope you found this post helpful as it will start to become my on going idea for posts. As I feel like it would be beneficial to be updated you with the latest and what’s best to wear clothes for this season. This post has souly focused on just newlook skirts and next time I’ll add more diversity but this was just a preview. My lovely followers have probably come to know now my obsession for newlook with its amazing quality clothes and reasonable prices🌷 

Winter is here now and its time to get  shopping💵💵💵💵 

Happy shopping guys x 

I found it!! Something that can help you with your acne problems 🌹

My perfect potion of lotion before bed 

I have been applying this baby before bed for the last three weeks and its been a miracle worker. It already started to show its amazing affects in just a week or two! 

Anyone who experiences acne, you know acnw leaves marks and can feel itchy.

I have acne and do experience these symptons, but now I feel like the itchiness has gone, plus reduced spots and redness. This is not just for acne but for my whole face. I feel so air brushed? My face can get so red but after using this stuff it just seems to have controlled that amazingly. 
I swear by manuka honey. It’s like a tiny miracle. I drink manuka honey tea and I eat manuka honey it’s just amazing makes you feel great inside and out.


Want your cream contour cheap? 💸

No7! If you want something cheap and can’t be bothered to pay such prices for contouring kits which are mega expensive and don’t trust cheap brands. I always use concealer in what ever colour I want.

It blends so well and I feel is the right amount of cream texture than you would actually get from a cream contour kit. I just think N07 is good enough price and great quality! My power through the cheap month, my back up, my go too!

My best makeup mashup❤

I use Este lauder and maybelline. TOGETHER!

Maybelline is such a creamy and moisturising foundation I feel like it makes my face patchy without anything else. Este lauder keeps my skin looking intact all day no patches. Due to its thickness. Double Wear Of Course;) 

However este lauder on its own kills my skin. I have resulted in achney and dry skin because of este lauder but I just love it’s long lasting affect😣

So I come up with the idea of using both

Using my technique foundation brush I mix together and then apply.

With that same dish which is my bronzer, from superdrug sunkiss, a very old brand from years ago, I use my sculpting brush for contouring.

I used to use my egg but there is so much blending involved I have no effort. With this brush I take just a few dabs on the cheek and smooth out 2x so easy and under the jaw line.

Then my all time favourite highlighter!!! MUA such a cheap highlighter with amazing qualitie. The shine is stunning and stays on for hours hours hours hours all day!!!! 

My very don’ts

Here comes the rant, not my most glowing post.

I really need something after washing my face to give my eyes a bit of a boost but this Simple eye roll on does nothing for me it’s just moist dampness on the bottom of my eyes and does not take away the tiredness look or makes my dark circles blemish. Very bad product would not buy again. If anyone is free to comment and love to know what works for you.

The maybelline pore eraser

Is in fact more of a promotion for your pores. When ever I’ve used it my pores look more exposed and my face is so greasy. Currently on the hunt. 

I believe I got this from either amazon or eBay  (obviously perfectly seiled) but I managed to find one thing that help one of my problems which was a shiny greasy face. 

This Garnier oil control is amazing!!! Helps me so much with work I don’t look like a greasy slob at the end of the shift😂😂 the lemon essence is rather stronf but it’s brilliant and really helped my confidence because I was sick of putting foundation over my skin to cover my naturally oily T zone. Thanks Garnier ❤❤❤❤❤❤ 

My weapon to make my hair stay immaculate all night🍷🙈


Nothing has come close to what this hair spray does for me on a night out.  wearing hair spray is annoying snd it gets stiff and hard to comb out in the morning but you need to keep those curls in right? Well dont worry about your hair looking stiff with just one spray like some would…

…Because this bottle does wonders for you! My hair looks so natural and loose. It is onky until you reach for my hair and actually feel the texture after hairspray you realise I’m wearing some. It’s amazing. 

Here’s my hair when I went out for prom at the beginning (it’s the only proper before and after pic I have.) 


You can faintly see by the end of the night picture the curl is still prominent😎 it’s such a brilliant product but obviously still withholds the annoying hair spray feature of trying to comb it out-It’s very hard so always brush from the bottom up of your hair so you don’t pull your hair out  x 

Clean off!!! 

Its time to take my makeup off!!!!  I love this part as well as putting my makeup on. It’s just so refreshing and it makes your skin so soft.

I use Nivea! I have been for the last year and I’ve been meaning to change it up but for now Nivea is a very good product to have. 

I always buy the two cleansers to get that real cleansing affect. The lotion is really good for taking your foundation off and really lifts it off your face. Not even just makeup, you can use for taking off the built up dirt on your skin from just your every day activities, a simple walk around the town or sitting inside the house. You would be suprise how just a lazy day can make your face so dirty. The pollution and even being in doors your face builds up so much dirt. 

I use the miceller water for my second rinsing and to take off my eye make up. This lifts the product off your face better than the lotion.

The annoying thing about  cleansers is that you seem to pay so much for the cotton pads! This leaving people to buy the face wipes which are not 100% reliable. I always get my cotton pads from primark which are 50p and superdrug for 99p they are usually very expensive in boots and never like to pay their prices. 

  • Dont forget to use on your neck as well as face as your neck is very important and you will be surprise how much dirt you consume in that area!!!!!! 
  • I resultd in acne on my kneck from not taking care of that area. This is essential for me to do, cleaning the kneck area.

Stripe it down

I can’t believe I’ve found the perfect pair! I’ve found the trousers I’ve wanted for ages and even better they were in sale in Topshop

Also a perfect leg length as I’m very short!!! I just love them. 

The stripes going down give me more height and the flare at the bottom is the perfect amount and so nice for anywhere for a meeting, interview, meals and clubs!

You can wear plain white or cream strappy tops tuck in or out and any crop tops black is prefabably better if your going somewhere more up scale! 

Always wear a different coloured shoe. Not black or white as it’s too much of the same colours.

I’d suggest any shade of pink, grey, maroon, flowery pattern stilettos and cream.