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Kylie lip kit is truly amazing. Our Jenner won’t distribute bad quality cosmetics now would they.

I am very happy I spent the money to get one. Long lasting and non smudge! It’s actually so hard to get off your lips.

Here is the Koko K and I also bought the Posie K which is my favourite. Anyways…

Believe it or not this is after nearly more than six scrubs! It’s so hard to get off, so it’s great for when your on a night out having drinks or a nice meal out.

This is after six more scrubs. I know my scrubbing is accurate but I can’t get over how great this lip kit is. You won’t even have to worry about taking it out with you because it won’t leave your lips!

Keep it Clinique 

Beauty review, Style

This Clinique foam cleanser is fantastic for taking off makeup and certainly for your skin. I have wanted to try Clinique for a very long time and I am satisfied with the outcome.

This product is not harsh to my face at all and I am pleased to find something that isn’t as I have sensitive skin. This product is so creamy and moisturising.

It’s not so much foamy? Until you rub it in your face A LOT! but foamy? Nope. My face felt so soft, smooth, refreshing and not tight. It’s still always best to put a bit of moisturiser on.

Comment down below if you want or have Clinique products, I’d love to hear your views.

love love love this stuff xxx

Fashion favourites 


Currently flicking through my Instagram tonight as it’s my first free time and I just love all these fashion pop ups at the moment.

My next buy will certainly be the straight leg frade (at the bottom of the) jeans and the boots.


Im inlove with these straight leg jeans. I may shop in Topshop for mine? Or Zara?

Gorgeous boots here! I found some great ones the other day with an elegant floral pattern on the heel from Newlook for a reasonable price which would also be brilliant with a simple pair of gold hoops.


Let us all say thank you to the inventor of fur coats. These multicoloured and unusual patterned fur coats/ jackets lately though! I need one. Also, there are some amazing pairs in Topshop. Would love to get one and they would go great with a black pair of skinny wripped jeans and small thing heels.


Another pair of luxurious loose material trousers! Not too great for the winter weather with all that cold air rushing through your legs but oh well. Pretty hurts as they say. Perhaps you could get a pair from H&M and wear purple or green skinny heels with a point, bringing a bit of colour to the outfit.

I love making these blog posts where I put in all the different types of outfits that are in season and hopefully gives others some inspiration when they are shopping next for the January fall to come. Make a statement guys – happy shopping. x

Dyed your hair? You best start reading

Beauty review, Style

Tonight I’m playing with my hair and admiring it from my mirror as I’ve previously dyed my hair blonde and then I thought “Wait it didn’t feel this dry before?”
Of course dying your hair is fun but so damaging. I found a great way to give your hair a little treat after every 3x days of washing your hair.

Get this coconut lotion from Superdrug it’s the best potion for your locks!

Coconut water and coconut oil masque.

I love this strong coconut and hair product smell when I use it. I wish I could put this on all the time but my hair would be so greasy and it would take the natural oils out of course.

You need to get two tea spoons of the lotion and put in the pot. Mix it with some Moroccan oil or olive oil to get that more liquid affect and warm up in micro wave for 50 seconds/1 minute. not too hot.

It’s nice and warm so when you apply and rub it into the Scalp it gives a nice relaxing head massage.

With the brush, Simply scoop from the pot and apply, brushing down from the scalp to the ends of hair and leave in for 10 minutes once finished. I recommened not to use conditioner after. Only use shampoo and then rinse.

Remember to brush hair from the bottom up so you don’t wrip your hair out.

(All superdrug brands)

Hope you guys like and maybe buy this let me know! x