Good, better, best!

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Currently sat in bed looking back at my physique and looking back now and looking back at my diet plans (plural) and looking back at my diet plans before.

It’s exhausting, but I wasn’t actually properly looking back at what I had done. It become clear that certain foods were KEY! THE SOLUTION!

Wondering how my hair grew so long during my weight loss and thinking I hadn’t eaten fish… it was the apple cider vinegar and that really gave me a jump start in metabolism and which I used it for purposely.

So much came back to me and I am ready to give it another go for this 6 week health plan I am on, ready for my 3 WEEK TRIP TO ASIA!!!

I know my body and I know I need to revert to my old roots and not the new ones I’ve been put on. I mean they really did help me for the first week easing into my trusty diet. I always start off 1,100 and lower it down. It’s all in stages, good, better and then best and felling my best!

I’m nervous because it’s a challenged and I’m excited because it’s a challenged.

I can’t wait to see the results and there better be results soon! They say it takes 3 weeks for you to notice. 6 weeks for others!

I got till April as my cut off and then be comfortable and maintain my weight until June which is when I leave for Asia!

Exciting times ahead, watch this space…