Series post on – How to alternate your shirts for all the seasons!

Instyle magazine

Instyle magazine have got it spot on for this winter season, with the extra layers and complimented black and white coloured shirt suggests chic and egde!

The skin tight black turtle neck underneath the baggy striped shirt would go great with mom jeans if you wanted to bring out more edge to your outfit. Plus the thin red choker necklace just pulls the top half of the outfit together really nicely.

I was flicking through Cosmopolitan the other day and came across this trendy idea. This fashionista has switched the shirt around using the V neck as detail for the back! Nice!

Here is a nice V-neck shirt you can get from H&M.

I love smartening up my casual wear to flamboyant wear.

Lucy Williams

Famous fashion blogger, Lucy Williams, really knows how to work a shirt over her daisy dukes and bikini. (That nearly sounded like a Katy Perry song.) Obviously it is good to find a shirt that is thin material as you don’t want a heavy shirt for the beach, just something light for that beach breeze.

Hope you guys have managed to find some inspiration with these images and decide to switch up your old shirts stuck in your wardrobe. It is great to turn old shirts into something striking like these, because we can all throw on a shirt and sometimes feel sloppy, so these are great styles to make you feel on point!


Prime before you apply

With Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer!

I never really understood why girls bought this, because I just kept thinking, “Oh for God sake not another primer for something.”

Ugh, yes Jess. Of course! Now that I have used it I can never go back to just applying my shadow without primer.

As much as these amazing palettes like Urban Decay and Morphe are with their perfect pigments, they are still nothing without a good primer to make those colours stand out for what colour they truly are.

The top shade is burnt orange without primer, and the bottom shade is still burnt orange with primer.

Don’t tell me you can’t see the difference!

The first appliance is lovely but so faded you can’t really make out if it is peachy, light brown or hints of orange. Until you see with the primer base. You can defiantly see that copper tone, burnt orange coming through.

This burnt orange shade is within the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette.

I hope this has convinced you bloggers to go out and buy this product because it truly is worth it!!!!!


Blackhead strip remover

You know those black head strips that are going around social media lately, very disgusting but very satisfying.

I have found some in my local store Homebargains.

I wasn’t too sure whether I should buy them because I thought they were too good to be true. I mean…come on, black heads can’t be that easy to get out surely because they are stubborn little critters!

BUT these strips are incredible.

I use them all the time on my face and I’m obsessed with seeing the results. I’ve just tried it on my boyfriend and now he is obsessed.

This picture doesn’t really do it justice. There is so many on there.

You just wet the area of your nose and apply the smooth surface onto the nose. For 10 minutes.

They are not a lot of money, they are around £2 but there is not a lot inside the pack if I’m honest.