Your hair has to mirror your inner strength – Don’t let it break

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Hair snapping because it’s all your fault is the worst mood ever, it’s deflating but the only one to blame is yourself and instead of moping take action and build a healthier routine for your locks!

I remember when I was 15 years old killing for long and beautiful hair. It was red and curly so I ticked the boxes but I was still not satisfied. It was splitting because I wasn’t thinking about how I was washing or brushing my hair. Creating this uneven shape when I would let my hair down. Gross.

All the tablets and coconut oil in the world couldn’t save me. But one tablet did! Cut right to the chase and saved me a lot of time! A month to be exact to which my hair grew 3 inches!

It’s NOW down to the top part of my booty, from just good hair care and no tablets for years. When I left for uni (no tablets but good hair care) it was just in the middle part of my back! Before it grew to just the middle my hair was to my shoulders. I’ve gone through three very big stages with my hair.

So if you feel like my fifteen year old self then hear are some hidden truths no one tells you about or like to tell you in fact.


– When using shampoo and conditioner, don’t just wash out the conditioner with the same temperature of water. Let the product sit in the hair for minutes and only apply from the middle down. If you leave on top of your hair it will be greasy the next coming day and you will just need another wash a day later. Regular washes take natural oils out.

– Wash out the conditioner with COLD water. It’s horrible the first few times because your relaxed in lush warm water and then a nasty awakening. But pretty hurt as Beyoncé says!

– Don’t dry with a towel use a top, a cotton top! Because a towel is rough and depending on the way you move the towel on your hair can really affect the ends.


– Brush down and then up, sounds confusing but it’s self explanatory. You brush from the ends of your hair all the way up to the scalp

– Do this to avoid bringing nots down to the bottom and as a result you end up ragging your hair like an impatient fool. Maybe it’s just me but curly hair is hard to comb and brushing down and then up is less time consuming!


So many tablets out there saying they are the best for quick effect, if you read their ingredients most of them have a small amount of biotin. This biotin you have probably heard of before is the holy grail!!! You need to buy pure biotin in order to achieve gorgeous long hair. I bought mine from Holland and Barrette for £15! Click the link to get yours. It’s pricey but the results are instant, unfortunately instant everywhere else too…

P.s quick note to say sorry to my regular followers and growing followers last few months for not posting as much. I’ve been hitting the ground running with University. Excuses I know but a girls got to do what she got to do. I was writing this post in the bath thinking let’s go and get some more biotin because that harsh weather is creeping in and that is the worst for hair breaking when you tie it up in a bobble as much as I do!

So I hope you ladies have found gold in my post today, and thanks for reading everyone. My guy followers this is great for you too in case you want a beard or bolding.

Body analysis


This time off from university has been amazing, I’ve loved spending time with all of the people I love so much. It’s been one hell of a summer! But with summer closing, it means winter starvation kicks in.

I did a Body analysis with my Personal trainer today and here are my goals for the month ahead.

I am 22.3% fat as a whole

Weighing 118 lbs

53 kg

So this is a healthy amount of body fat but the target is…

to loose to 1.3% body fat in 4 weeks. Which is apparently WAY tougher than loosing a 1lb in weight. Nervous but so excited. One day of a cheat day and I can’t go mad. Thank you mark for letting me have at least a pizza day😇

This past week has been all about eating dairy and eating bad before my last good byes for a month. Wednesday and Thursday was chippy and Indian day full of coconut and cream and lots of carbs and cheese. Stake night tonight and cheese cake with cream…

Dieting is mindful control! you must feed good thoughts in order to meet your goals. Dieting is 80% and exercise is 20% a good positive attitude can help you achieve 100%

Im so excited to start my final year and burn lots of energy whilst dieting, that always helps drop weight!!

So excited!!

Let’s do this!!!!


Use the app tracker

And drink 1 and half ltr

Lots of chicken and veg

Whole grain pasta

Cheat days – 1 day only

Moderate in the week:

Peanut butter!


Fruit intake

Carb based foods

Too much milk