Outfit of the day guys! And they’re all in the sale!!!!!! From Wallis, Mango and Oasis.

Oversize shimmering floral dress from Mango, just £10! And my Wallis bag for £10 as well.

The cream small heel Oasis sandals, just £15 in the sale. 

I can’t wait to wear this beautiful dress multiple times. Such an incredible peice. Here is how I can wear it…

I could wear a black belt or this thin gold chain which is very slim and classy to hug your waist. This will give the dress a bit more shape. 

I love an outfit you can dress up and down. 


Abroad update – In a lust for lime

This lime dress has really hit it hard; To nightlife and sophisticated evening meals, switching the dress into a silk blouse, tucked inside jeans. What a dress hey! 

Wearing my extraordinary floral bag against the lime (hint of gold) dress, I feel multicultural. I’m hooked on this new switch up! Slender and exotic flowers are symbolic to both Chinese and Japanese cultures, with its aesthetic being bold and bright colours! 
Silk being a predominant material for centuries in Chinese clothing, and is still a beautiful fabric that will never vanish!

Apart from the dress’ elastic hold in the waist, the two fringes that fold like a petal at the front are different and interesting but I almost want to cover the line that holds them? 

It looks too frumpy on its own so I deside to use a black belt. It was hassle as the belt doesn’t have enough holes for my waist! So I just put the clip on the side and then tucked the tail end of the belt behind the belt. 

Abroad update – Switching from skirt to shorts! How to dress for two occasions

It’s our second night here in main land Spain and we are in love.
Heaven on earth
We decided to hit the town for a meal and ONLY a few drinks. But, we suddenly wound up at this bar and left 2 am with these guitarists just singing to us towards the end! 

It was a good job I had my shorts on for the night

I feel better in denim shorts for a night out. Either shorts or skirt but a good pair of denim shorts always looks best with a black belt. 
I coordinated black and blue together; Black is brilliant for night time outfits, and blue accessories seemed like a chic touch! 

My dangly earings which are royal blue give the outfit a real elegant feel and when you work your way down you get more of an edge to the outfit with the denim shorts and belt. The shoes which are great length give the entire outfit that sexy and sophisticated look.
My day to evening outfit

If you were to go without accesories in a bright/bold colour, both outfits could look a little flat, as there isn’t enough colour in the outfit alone to draw attention. 
I love the white skirt and it’s sweet shape. The metallic rings and zip at the front is daring and can take you through to the evening. But denim shorts for a night out on your holiday is my personal preference. 

To get my outfit:

  • Skirt and top – pretty little thing 
  • Shorts – H&M
  • Earings – Jasper Conran 

Tote bags can be more than just plain bags! 

Just as I was about to buy another bag for holiday, it struck me that my gorgeous interior designed tote bag was sitting at home. Practical room and brilliant compartments…but so plain! 

As I turned away from the bag, I saw on one rail, gorgeous thin neck scarves and the idea just came to me. 

This is my bag before

This is my bag now…

Here is another style…

I love the yellow, cream and black colours in the scarf because it looks lovely against the red background.
Here is how I done it…

  •  Be really carefully when piercing through the bag with scissors. 
  • If you want the fabric to have a bow or be a certain length just pull the inside for the length to be shorter or if you want it longer then pull the two ends of the scarf closer to you.                                                                                   If your tote bag is expensive and you don’t want to poke holes through it then it’s fine to just wrap the scarf around one of the handles. That would be a pretty touch!

      How to alternate your shirts for all the seasons! Inspired by Vogue

      This post is inspired by the Vogue February edition and Vogue has backed up my latest post with the suggestion of wearing your shirts front to back.

      I love this womans look (on the left) with the beautiful white buttoned dress, featuring the (sort of) denim looking shirt and tied at the waist. I like the idea of using your shirt as more of an accessorie. Very elegant. Lots of class.

      This dress is going on my to buy list and I’m going to use either my denim jacket or just my striped blue shirt to go with it.
      Excited for the spring season! How about you guys?

      Comment below what fashion trends your looking forward to wearing in the upcoming season.

      Series post on – How to alternate your shirts for all the seasons!

      Instyle magazine

      Instyle magazine have got it spot on for this winter season, with the extra layers and complimented black and white coloured shirt suggests chic and egde!

      The skin tight black turtle neck underneath the baggy striped shirt would go great with mom jeans if you wanted to bring out more edge to your outfit. Plus the thin red choker necklace just pulls the top half of the outfit together really nicely.

      I was flicking through Cosmopolitan the other day and came across this trendy idea. This fashionista has switched the shirt around using the V neck as detail for the back! Nice!

      Here is a nice V-neck shirt you can get from H&M.

      I love smartening up my casual wear to flamboyant wear.

      Lucy Williams

      Famous fashion blogger, Lucy Williams, really knows how to work a shirt over her daisy dukes and bikini. (That nearly sounded like a Katy Perry song.) Obviously it is good to find a shirt that is thin material as you don’t want a heavy shirt for the beach, just something light for that beach breeze.

      Hope you guys have managed to find some inspiration with these images and decide to switch up your old shirts stuck in your wardrobe. It is great to turn old shirts into something striking like these, because we can all throw on a shirt and sometimes feel sloppy, so these are great styles to make you feel on point!

      Another fun switch it up outfit

      The weather is currently miserable here in Britain. But my outfits not! 

      2x nice and simple outfits you can wear and still pull off an edgie and indie look by just changing two items of clothing.

      • Here is a really relaxed look…shop here 
      •  Select and primarkNewlook and H&M for a cheaper purchase rather than your main stores like Urban Outfitters and Topshop for you to get this sort of style. 
      •  With the simple plain top with slits on the sides, you can easily create yourself. Buy any random long short sleeved top and cut the sides to make slits. As you tend to pay more for tops already made with slits

      The second look…(Being my favourite) is using two of the same item thus being the top and jeans, but just changing the jacket and shoes to make your outfit look high end and sexyyyyy!

      • A normal sized heel in a nice statement colour to make the outfit come together and pop bresking uo the top and coat as they are heavy dark colours. 
      • The mom jeans give it that edgy, classy laid back feature to the outfit. 
      • The leather jacket is also a great feature instead of a Cardigan going best with the heels.

       (If you do wear a Cardigan with heels, it’s best not to have a nitted Cardigan as it won’t look right. Make sure the Cardigan is a thing material and is long flowing. Preferably grey as displayed in next picture) 

      Today’s look 

      This outfit I’ll be posting about today is inspired by the foggy gloomy weather in Britain.

      I’ll be showing you looks that consist of bringing casual and chic together. This first look is a casual wear I tend to go for when I’m heading to uni or down town to pick up something quick. Kind of plain, kind of boring…

       but how can I switch it from plain to chic???

      To break it up you can wear this new look long sleeve shirt (£19.99) still rolled up but undo the buttons half way down and tie together. Wear a different pair of jeans! Defiantly black or white ( these are my topshop pair £34) to style it up.

      With my open foot boot from primark  (£14.00) 

      Both outfits look completely different and only takes 2 seconds of styling for the top and change of trousers x