Success is found in your daily routine ~ John c. Maxwell

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Winter is among us and that means it’s the beginning of university. The beginning of the end for me today, it will be my last first day ever as it’s my final year. I’m going to make the best out of it. Really embrace the last step in education and just work work work my ass off. I have the best people around me to support me so I’m really lucky and I saw a quote earlier which hit home and it said …

“Your only limit is you”

What comes with breaking barriers is positive thinking and that comes with mindfulness. Monday forward I will practise yoga, and I won’t be full throttle mat out and peace music in the back. It will be more like…

Bed covers off,


And begin some simple stretches from head to toe.approx 5 minutes

Sit up against the door with a blanket and just shut my eyes or sit and try not to think about anything for 3 minutes.

I heard this really helps you set your day on the right path. Not opening your phone checking social media, not waking up and straight away writing lists for the day. Just taking time out in the morning to re group and then face the day.

I can’t wait to start this process properly and this morning was slightly difficult than I thought as I was itching to grab my phone but I did some yoga and woke up very early so that I could take more time out to wake up properly.

Start your day off positive guys! Have a great day,thanks for reading.

Body analysis


This time off from university has been amazing, I’ve loved spending time with all of the people I love so much. It’s been one hell of a summer! But with summer closing, it means winter starvation kicks in.

I did a Body analysis with my Personal trainer today and here are my goals for the month ahead.

I am 22.3% fat as a whole

Weighing 118 lbs

53 kg

So this is a healthy amount of body fat but the target is…

to loose to 1.3% body fat in 4 weeks. Which is apparently WAY tougher than loosing a 1lb in weight. Nervous but so excited. One day of a cheat day and I can’t go mad. Thank you mark for letting me have at least a pizza day😇

This past week has been all about eating dairy and eating bad before my last good byes for a month. Wednesday and Thursday was chippy and Indian day full of coconut and cream and lots of carbs and cheese. Stake night tonight and cheese cake with cream…

Dieting is mindful control! you must feed good thoughts in order to meet your goals. Dieting is 80% and exercise is 20% a good positive attitude can help you achieve 100%

Im so excited to start my final year and burn lots of energy whilst dieting, that always helps drop weight!!

So excited!!

Let’s do this!!!!


Use the app tracker

And drink 1 and half ltr

Lots of chicken and veg

Whole grain pasta

Cheat days – 1 day only

Moderate in the week:

Peanut butter!


Fruit intake

Carb based foods

Too much milk