5 years with my man! 

Five years since me and my man got together. We were the same age as my nan and bamps when they got together, 14 years old! 

It doesn’t seem like we were that young. It doesn’t seem we have been together that long!? But it’s probably, most definantly because, we have had the best time! And we are gunna have the many more best times… 

Take a look at my video guys just to see what we have got up too so far and what is to come;)

Of course I got gifts as well people! I mean I was expecting flowers, that’s a must, but he spoilt me rotten with MICHEAL FREAKING KORS bracelet and watch!!!!!! 

So expect to be seeing these bad boys in my fashion posts;) 

P.s sorry I haven’t been posting a lot since my holiday. I found a writing job so it’s been crazy trying to settle in but it’s amazing and I’m so happy and especially happy I have my number one fan beside me all the way! 


My inspiration for the “relaxed” look and knowing the difference in the sloppy look. 

You know what I mean when I tell you, those girls that have wavy unbrushed hair and pull their hair back with silky tie up scarfs. (Which reminds me of something delecate and child like.) They just look so cool and intricate, especially with a plain top and jeans. But it’s how you do it! 

Anyone can wear plain tops and jeans, but you can also look so boring and so plain. You got to bring the whole look together effortlessly with a few bits that I consider to be the “accomplished lucy williams look” 

fashion blogger of who is my absolute fave and inspiration! 

Coloured pink jeans. 

Plain white top.

Brown sandals. 

Small hoop earings. 

Scarf hair tie up.

Small elegant bag. 

Simple right? Looks so easy on paper. But blue jeans and a white shirt ain’t so James Dean when you don’t have accessories to pull off a mean ass look like lucy. 

Look relaxed. Not sloppy! 

Here is how I achieved my look :