My 4 day health and fitness plan


Following from my last blog post, practising the ‘middle way’ in life and most importantly in my diet, I wanted to dedicate this post to my new meal and fitness plan which starts today!

I have been doing so well for so long, I have this energy and motivation towards health I have never had before. I have been going strong for four months now and it’s worked a treat. I have lost a stone, from 9 stone 4, I am 8.6! I am looking to loose an additional 3 pounds ready for my holiday, the process to loosing a stone was especially a goal of mine for those Phuket beach pictures and generally a healthier life. But my latest goal to loose 3 extra pounds is more for my sanity when I come home from holiday.

Thai staple foods are of course fried rice, noodles, lots of meats, fish and salads. As much as I will be clinging to those healthier salads and soups, there is no doubt in my mind that I am on holiday and will of course indulge in some well deserved treats. It’s bound to happen when you go on holiday, your weird if you don’t put on the pounds when you come home, but this is how I will save myself from feeling so sluggish. I’ve worked so hard to loose the stone I don’t want to put on additional pounds, so if I loose just a little bit more, and to then come back from holiday and see I am still around 8.6 mark I will be happy with that.

The food plan: 
– 800/900 calorie diet for the next 4 days.
– My one treat day will be Saturday. Sunday I will be back on my 800 calorie diet again for 5 days.
– I will then stop the 800 cal and go back to 1,100 for the week to slowly build my intake and then back to normal the week after, on 1,200 calories a day.
– During these weeks I will be monitoring my sugar and carb intake, my daily carbs should range from 100g a day and sugar should be less than 50g.

The fitness plan:

I have recently been training with a personal trainer and he has helped me find exercises that can help me slender and tone without building muscle. My greatest machine is the cycle machine, it really makes you slender and especially on the legs, flat running for 6 minutes and some leg and bum tonal work and stretches. I should be burning 500, to 600 calories every day or 4 times a week. 

My meal plan today: 


Sorry for less appetising picture of my free from gluten oats, if you hadn’t already seen in my earlier posts, I get my oats from Tesco’s. All gluten and wheat free. Oats are so amazing for you if you want to be fuller for longer. Alpro soya milk, just enough to make a coffee into the saucepan and Bananas for energy and taste! You do tend to feel sluggish on the 800 calorie diet at first, thats why its best to only do for a short period of time. I added a dash of cinnamon which is also a great ingredient to help your metabolism. Washed down with my morning pepper mint tea, great for the digestive system! Certainly helps you on your weight loss journey.
30g – oats 
small banana
Alpro milk – 40 ml
Pepper mint tea 
= 215 calories = 40.g of carbs

My lunch consisted of two hard boiled eggs, and I use this egg timer which goes inside the saucepan and lets me know how soft or hard my eggs are. I LOVE IT! buy one like this –>> click!

5 spears of asparagus, boil whilst the eggs are boiling. I use a tea spoon of olive oil on the asparagus to add some rich flavour and texture. the picture shows 3 spears but I couldn’t help but dig in before taking a picture. I fancied some of the last of my Mediterranean Couscous which was a great addition to my lunch!

2x small organic eggs
Couscous – 20g
5 spears
olive oil
=209 cal = 7.8g of carbs

My dinner will be a cooked dinner, now I definitely don’t need to show you what I cooked dinner is, but mine will be without any potatoes and just meat and veg. I am very careful on my portion sizes, so my kid size meal will probably come to around 475 calories.

leaving me at 937 calories and 96.2g of carbs today. 

Keep posted on tomorrow’s meal plan and perhaps have a go at making some of these meal’s yourself! 

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18 thoughts on “My 4 day health and fitness plan

  1. I wish I had the discipline like you! I eat healthy, but I would pass out around 12p only consuming 900 calories AND working out. I fell off the fitness bandwagon and have been desperately seeking a return. It’s all about routine consistency. I can’t wait until you make it to Thailand! This is my next vacation destination god willing!

    Dom |

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    1. Such lovely words!!! Giving me lots of motivation. The first hurdle feels like a mountain but it is for sure a lifestyle not just a casual thing you have to make it your life. Thank you so much and omg me and you both I can’t wait to show my readers what I get up too. I really want to hear about the trip. Make sure to blog❤❤❤❤

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    1. Hey there. Yes it is very low. But the things you eat that are healthy like spinach and kale with quorn are so low in calories anyways. It’s just that I’m making s conscious decision it seems very low. I have followed lots of books that suggest 800 calories for a week. Holly body bible is one. And it’s always good to do research. Obviously I’m not under weight so I can afford to do so x

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  2. nice blog post! it is not the work of children to follow a diet. many women are scared to follow a diet like this because their taste doesn’t allow them to do so. I have some different plans for the fitness. have ever heard about the Ashley black? the founder of the fascia blaster I do not know what is it do you?

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    1. Yeah this diet can be really hard especially if you are going through your period. But I am already petite and small I don’t eat 2,000 a day anyways. This would be harder for people who are bigger than I. But like I said only for a few weeks and you have to stop and chest weekends are always important to help you stay on track. I don’t know that diet at all never heard of it I’m afraid xoxox

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