Good, better, best!

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Currently sat in bed looking back at my physique and looking back now and looking back at my diet plans (plural) and looking back at my diet plans before.

It’s exhausting, but I wasn’t actually properly looking back at what I had done. It become clear that certain foods were KEY! THE SOLUTION!

Wondering how my hair grew so long during my weight loss and thinking I hadn’t eaten fish… it was the apple cider vinegar and that really gave me a jump start in metabolism and which I used it for purposely.

So much came back to me and I am ready to give it another go for this 6 week health plan I am on, ready for my 3 WEEK TRIP TO ASIA!!!

I know my body and I know I need to revert to my old roots and not the new ones I’ve been put on. I mean they really did help me for the first week easing into my trusty diet. I always start off 1,100 and lower it down. It’s all in stages, good, better and then best and felling my best!

I’m nervous because it’s a challenged and I’m excited because it’s a challenged.

I can’t wait to see the results and there better be results soon! They say it takes 3 weeks for you to notice. 6 weeks for others!

I got till April as my cut off and then be comfortable and maintain my weight until June which is when I leave for Asia!

Exciting times ahead, watch this space…

Next years words awaits a fresh new voice

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2019 was all about planning, putting my ducks in order and certainly adjusting to some exciting and nerve racking changes.

I have gone on numerous adventures and have come away with some unforgettable memories. Really heavy bumps and incredible highs. Loving and loosing, failing and accomplishing in regards to education and career. It’s been crazy and I’ve grown along the way!

2020 is a time where I settle into my new changes, absorb every bit of learning and adapt in order to do so, being present is part of my resolution. Taking each day at a time, really focusing on the day in front of me and so far… I’m on track.

Toning and loosing a few pounds! Sticking to my no carb for lunch diet and no sugar all week except weekends. It was one hell of a struggle to balance these things in my life since being full time. But I found my balance and mojo and can’t wait to kick it!

Lastly, I would like to focus on a hobby. I have always done gym and cheer but since I am training others in one and being trained in both I would like to focus on something all by myself and conquer! I’ve seen some amazing stretches from the girls in cheer, some fantastic core strength and flexibility in some people who partake in yoga! The positions look so cool and and talented, I would love to achieve that high level of focus, flexibility and all round toning!

Just thoughtful view points/ reca for the upcoming future:

Professionally 2020:

I am so excited to see what 2020 brings, various marketing projects where I can highlight my skills, to which have already been recognised with high praise! I am always learning and growing as a person so to know that 2020 is looking up to be a huge lesson learner is so exciting! I would love more responsibility and I am getting a taster of it as we peak into the new year and it’s just such a wonderful feeling knowing your progressing and succeeding and what you love doing.

Emotionally in 2020:

Being present is so key. We often get so excited about the future and that’s natural! But the facts are, whatever you wish for and hope to achieve will come if you work hard enough and then once it’s there you look back and what you could have payed more attention too! You keep wishing for things to happen you by pass all the other things you wished for in the past that are currently happening. Also being present helps you retain information better and have a a clearer mind space and that’s a huge plus!

My vegan movement

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I understand it’s social justice to the vulnerable animals however I am not jumping on this one fully because I’d be a hypocrite in saying that I hate to eat animals because I am a meat eater! Not a big one but I’m very sorry to anyone who is vegan I will not be completely swayed because my mind and soul is just not equipped for a plant based life.

I do however enjoy this new vegan experience VERY VERY much. The transition has been so easy, well not completely as I said I can’t go full monty but finding, researching, eating has been so simple? Not as complex as I thought it would be. Let me show you some of the items I’ve bought. They are stunning and taste just as good and of course they are amazing detox items 😱

These are just a few of what I’ve been buying. Of course falafel with hummus and avocado which is stunning on a burger with sweet potato fries! Vegan cheese is incredible too!

I couldn’t recommenced these items enough they really give you the bug to switch your daily items. There is a vegan shop next to my new works … always feels lush saying that… and I can’t wait to replace my breakfast and dinner with some vegan options. I will keep you posted on my “body is a temple” post and see how far I’ve got and how well I’ve been coping.

Dare I say it now but I think it’s gunna be a piece of vegan cake.

The price for success is hard work

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Since my last post its been nothing but hit after hit, I have been plodding along and getting to tipping point of feeling maximum fustrsations ready to throw in the towel with everything and just buy an elephant and live in the jungle. I’m glad I didn’t though, well, the elephant jungle thing that’s one hell of a runaway plan! I’m glad every time I felt beat down I kept standing up and walking just that bit more to seek a path.

They say when bad things happen, they come in three’s and so here was the trinity of my awful luck:

Got so close in interview process for marketing jobs and did not get offers, a real devastation when you get so far only to be told no and you revised so hard. Lost my job at Coast, my safety net was pulled under neath my feet. Felt stuck and then had to put my gorgeous Missy to sleep, I just felt numb!

I held my hands up, “universe, I’m done you can just work your magic and lets see what happens.” The more I tried to have a grip of everything the more it was slipping out of my grasp.

Loosing P was just tipping point and I just needed to break away from searching and just focus on the present. I needed a job quick so it was just looking for full time work in what ever I found remotely interesting. The unexpected happened… I get a phone call about a job and I’m a full time Marketing Assistant just like that.

Let’s say I was shocked but more shocked at how my mum predicted this sort of thing. Mum believed something would happen in a months time, and that she’d book a flight ticket for me to go to Turkey and something would come up!

Mum does tend to have a telepathic nature and so I will be making her do the lottery soon.

I definitely treat this blog like my diary and this post has taken me extra long to write. One being that I didn’t know how to balance the negative with the positive, I didn’t know how to approach this world-wind subject and to be honest it’s been such a long draining but also fast and an amazing learning process? How could all these two end of the spectrum emotions coexist. But it’s happened.

I’ve been applying since May this year, everyday every half hour checking jobs and checking emails. I swear I had carpal tunnel syndrome! It was agonising the long drawn out waiting for recognition. My summer has been full of lovely distraction but I’ve met some dark times for sure.

Graduation was a lovely time but after receiving my degree I just felt lost and doubted the entire experience. September I’m in a job! For most it takes years with the amount of competition there is and I don’t doubt I will have to face testing times again but it’s how you learn and absorb and deal with it that has made me realise what getting older is all about.

Good things come to those who wait, and patience really is a virtue!

I credit my ability to draw silver linings during everything.

No job – well at least I am even being considered and that I’m so so close to the final result.

Coast – maybe this is the push I need! At least I have my amazing family to help me.

Missy – it was her time and at least she is not in pain!

Your going to doubt the path sometimes but always take a step back when you’ve hit a bump, don’t make drastic decision or moves. Breathe, and take baby steps! Facing things head on like a bull in a china shop will lead to mistakes and more heart ache. Be the turtle not the hare! And the light at the end will always find you.


Missing Missy

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August was the worst month in such a very very long time. So many lows and the last hit of them all was putting my gorgeous P to sleep. Kidney failure.

It’s crazy how animals can let you know but also show no signs, we noticed she was drinking more but she’s older too and the confusing combination of general old age to sickness signs is difficult for any pet owner to pin point.

I have to say she went at a time that was right for all of us, as much as it’s so painful to let her go then and still wish she was here now… it certainly was her time.

15 years of being her diva, gorgeous self, she really lived life the way she opted. I am so happy I picked you out of all your brothers. I remember holding you with just one hand with your big blue eyes! and then I look at the photos of your fat spilling out haha, nothing can replace you p.

We are all growing old, that’s life – siblings love our, full time jobs are priority and the thought of her being in the house CONSTANTLY on her own is very sad, and I’m glad she is in a better place and especially not in pain!

She gave us so many laughs, she gave us so much happiness even if it was just her walking around the house and stopping right in the middle of the walk way! I’m grateful my last days with her was just me and her, we left how we started off baby girl. Missy followed me everywhere and it was funny and sweet and apparently that’s a sign but she often gets clingy when we come back from holidays? It’s just so hard to be a perfect pet owner because they can’t communicate like we do.

When we lost her I just thought I don’t want another one but I need a presence like her, craving her movement around us… most humans get another pet, but why do we do that to ourselves? Go through the pain of getting a gorgeous animal for it to leave you heartbroken, I just had a moment of “why are we so self destructive”.

At the moment we are not deciding on anything, it’s too soon despite it being nice to have a little thing walking around and playing again because it’s so wonderful to see them live around you.

I just wanted to show you guys my gorgeous girl and share just the very few out of a thousand memories I have with her. Enjoy the gallery I’ve set up guys 💕

(I found her only white whisker the other day on my carpet and thought it was plastic and it was in the spot she slept in! Heart is heavy) xox


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Wow, so many distractions from work to holidays to finding jobs… my pt has still been going on but my mind and body are certainly not on form.

I hate to admit when I have been lazy but at the same time I can’t give over that I am perfect. However, I pride myself on how I will always big myself up. At the end of the day I have maintained a great shape and I have more of a balance diet than a crazy healthy one. But with all these distractions it’s starting to take its toll.

My mind feels sluggish my legs feel sleepy. If this ain’t a wake up call I don’t know what is, I feel bloated constantly and that was one of the reasons I went down the healthy route to stop feeling so sluggish.

Tricks to stop this:

I am going to repeat the same foods

Shredded wheat and blueberries

Semi milk

1x Omelette with peppers and onion with a banana for a snack

If in work (pasta and tuna or pesto with pepper and onion)

Dinner made (always healthy)

Burn 400 cal on bike and do 20 minute hit sessions

This may be hard because I’ve been snacking a lot more than I’d like to admit. So this will definitely make me realise the lack of control I had during the next two weeks. But I need a serious detox and I have a good amount of time off work too so there shouldn’t be any distractions.



One cheat day

No snacks until cheat day

Stay focused ❤️


I really do treat my little corner of the internet like a diary and you can take from this what you will but hopefully this gives other motivation and inspiration on bettering themselves I found an amazing quote from Tony Robinson.

“No matter how many mistakes you make or slow the progress is your still doing better than everyone who isn’t trying.” – Tony Robinson.

Start your day right guys! Good luck with any challenges.

Eat, prey, loving life. The Bali trip rundown!

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Wherever you go in the world “there’s no place like home” but when you come to Bali this place feels like home. Unfortunately, you can’t uplift your friends and family over there but at least I came home and got everyone putting Bali on their bucket list. Everyone should make the trip because it’s a 1000% worth it! I can’t recommend the “billabong, surfer” vibe haven enough!

I’ll do the quickest and simplest run down, I’ve already taken up your time and you just want to know the bullet points.

So here it goes ……

  • The Seminyak sunset beach, picture perfect, peaceful and sure as Hell “moby – porcelain” vibes yanno like “the beach” film! The bean bags are dotted all across this clean scenic beach front and the waves are so breathtaking. They sure as hell will bring you back to life after zenning out in the bean bags, when you hear the crashing waves, they are a loud reminder that yes, this place is real!

Beach clubs

1. Jungle fish in ubud

2. potato head in Seminyak/kuta

3. azul Seminyak square

4. Omnia beach club ubud

The food in all these places was outstanding!!! Most places in Bali serve vegan food which tasted amazing and not like the vegan food back home. The views were heaven and the entire layout was so chilled with a really good twist of music to get you perked up.


The water is piercing blue with gorgeous tropical fish, colours surrounding you all the time and a graceful turtle swimming by. This place is a must but the island itself is not as “remote” as you would think, shops are granted of course but seemed so hectic and lots of tourist traffic. I was expecting a lot more rural/ forestry?


Tengenugan waterfall ubud

Near Kanto lampo ubud

Kanto lampo ubud

Mason elephant sanctuary ubud

We did not ride these majestic creatures because we 100% don’t believe in it. We fed and bathed these beauties and they seemed to enjoy it!

The kynd community! seminyak

This place I am still obsessing over, I’ve never ever tried vegan food quite like this place. I had the kind Big Mac which was out of this world and still don’t shut up about it. Big up Kendall for finding this gem.

The monkey temple ubud

The baby monkeys were adorable…..but the big boys ohhhh no! Slightly terrified, there’s a lot going on in this place but you should definitely make the trip because the guides are there to protect you and belongings, and the babies are just something you don’t want to miss!

Bali swing ubud

When I look back I can’t actually believe we managed to experience all these things. We’ve learnt and experience so much together I am so glad to have spent this time with them and look forward to future with these amazing galys!

Treat yourself with wellness


I’ve never really heard of botanics, but I’m glad I found it! I went on holiday to Bali recently (a post of my trip will soon be published it’s just a lot of content) and my mate had this lush hydrating spray which contained to rose water. Apparently it cost her £20 and I didn’t fancy paying that much for a mist moisturising product.

I found most of these products ranged in that price bracket but stumbled across this beauty.

Sustainable. Vegan. Organic and cruelty free.

This mist contains rose water which is great because I loved the fragrance and learnt you can use this before you use spf moisturiser it’s a good additional layer, a setting spray after your makeup as well and definitely great to wake your face up in the mornings.

It apparently suits all skin types so hopefully I find this works wonders, I can safely say it’s so refreshing and makes my skin feel satin and not an annoying lingering damp sensation.

The beginning of the end

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Click. End of all my submissions. Click. Three years of university are over.

Wow, well that was fast and never did I expect everything that happened to me would actually happen. Predicting the future was one of the toughest pills to swallow at the beginning of university

“This isn’t for me… what am I going to do? Who am I? Who am I or who do I even want to be? Where do I want to be?”

The journey was daunting, incredible, frightening, delicious and over all a success from the bottom of my heart.

It started off rocky, I hit a flat road (almost like those long stretches of road you see in America, beautiful scenery, watching and observing) and then the final hurdle which was more like a gradual climb. Nothing strenuous, just a gradual stepping stone of realisation that the journey is coming to an end and often looking back down to see how far you’ve come.

I’ve taken many steps and had many moments of looking back. To start I have often reflected on the bad times and have taken it as complete accretion – what’s life without lessons! I think it’s so important to reflect and take a breath. I’ve learnt rushing round and trying to get answers/ results FAST! You have to be patient in this life and take each day as it comes. This philosophy proved to be the best mind set for me.

I look at all of what I accomplished and how far I’ve come as a person and blessed that I saw it all till the end and with a greater understand of what and where I want to be. I see the people around me and just want to hug them till it hurts because they have been everything for me and I know their love and support will continue because these people are one in a million❤️

I’m just so happy to come away with the three years experience and feel blessed. I’m anxious to see what the future holds but I feel confident in myself and whats in reach! … Last stop 🎓 graduation!

Check out some of my work:


Swap one or two items, you got yourself a transformation


I’m sorry about the poor quality of pictures with the car park having dull lighting it was hard to work with. But you can just about make out my date night outfit.

The temperatures dropped considerable by night time so I was lucky to have brought my oversized cardigan. I really love this 90’s Rachel theme! A good old white T underneath a sweet floral maxi. A maxi that fits for once, wow!!

With this sort of dress, my hand tends to lean towards nice chunky white trainers, however, docs are really in especially when wearing a floaty skirt or dress so I thought, yaas. It went perfectly with me petite studded leather Dior bag so the outfit was more in sync with it being slightly grunge but not too heavy against the blue and white floral summer colours. A simple but different kind of look for me as I do loooooove my trusty trainers!

This dress will definitely make an appearance minus the top and shoes, keeping in a headband/ s crunchy and gold coin necklace – ready for those powdery sands in May!