Missing Missy

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August was the worst month in such a very very long time. So many lows and the last hit of them all was putting my gorgeous P to sleep. Kidney failure.

It’s crazy how animals can let you know but also show no signs, we noticed she was drinking more but she’s older too and the confusing combination of general old age to sickness signs is difficult for any pet owner to pin point.

I have to say she went at a time that was right for all of us, as much as it’s so painful to let her go then and still wish she was here now… it certainly was her time.

15 years of being her diva, gorgeous self, she really lived life the way she opted. I am so happy I picked you out of all your brothers. I remember holding you with just one hand with your big blue eyes! and then I look at the photos of your fat spilling out haha, nothing can replace you p.

We are all growing old, that’s life – siblings love our, full time jobs are priority and the thought of her being in the house CONSTANTLY on her own is very sad, and I’m glad she is in a better place and especially not in pain!

She gave us so many laughs, she gave us so much happiness even if it was just her walking around the house and stopping right in the middle of the walk way! I’m grateful my last days with her was just me and her, we left how we started off baby girl. Missy followed me everywhere and it was funny and sweet and apparently that’s a sign but she often gets clingy when we come back from holidays? It’s just so hard to be a perfect pet owner because they can’t communicate like we do.

When we lost her I just thought I don’t want another one but I need a presence like her, craving her movement around us… most humans get another pet, but why do we do that to ourselves? Go through the pain of getting a gorgeous animal for it to leave you heartbroken, I just had a moment of “why are we so self destructive”.

At the moment we are not deciding on anything, it’s too soon despite it being nice to have a little thing walking around and playing again because it’s so wonderful to see them live around you.

I just wanted to show you guys my gorgeous girl and share just the very few out of a thousand memories I have with her. Enjoy the gallery I’ve set up guys 💕

(I found her only white whisker the other day on my carpet and thought it was plastic and it was in the spot she slept in! Heart is heavy) xox

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