My vegan movement

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I understand it’s social justice to the vulnerable animals however I am not jumping on this one fully because I’d be a hypocrite in saying that I hate to eat animals because I am a meat eater! Not a big one but I’m very sorry to anyone who is vegan I will not be completely swayed because my mind and soul is just not equipped for a plant based life.

I do however enjoy this new vegan experience VERY VERY much. The transition has been so easy, well not completely as I said I can’t go full monty but finding, researching, eating has been so simple? Not as complex as I thought it would be. Let me show you some of the items I’ve bought. They are stunning and taste just as good and of course they are amazing detox items 😱

These are just a few of what I’ve been buying. Of course falafel with hummus and avocado which is stunning on a burger with sweet potato fries! Vegan cheese is incredible too!

I couldn’t recommenced these items enough they really give you the bug to switch your daily items. There is a vegan shop next to my new works … always feels lush saying that… and I can’t wait to replace my breakfast and dinner with some vegan options. I will keep you posted on my “body is a temple” post and see how far I’ve got and how well I’ve been coping.

Dare I say it now but I think it’s gunna be a piece of vegan cake.

Treat yourself with wellness


I’ve never really heard of botanics, but I’m glad I found it! I went on holiday to Bali recently (a post of my trip will soon be published it’s just a lot of content) and my mate had this lush hydrating spray which contained to rose water. Apparently it cost her £20 and I didn’t fancy paying that much for a mist moisturising product.

I found most of these products ranged in that price bracket but stumbled across this beauty.

Sustainable. Vegan. Organic and cruelty free.

This mist contains rose water which is great because I loved the fragrance and learnt you can use this before you use spf moisturiser it’s a good additional layer, a setting spray after your makeup as well and definitely great to wake your face up in the mornings.

It apparently suits all skin types so hopefully I find this works wonders, I can safely say it’s so refreshing and makes my skin feel satin and not an annoying lingering damp sensation.

A skin care routine is vital – a barrier against climate change

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From a young age my mum has always ensured me to practise good skin care. I believe my first SPF cream was at the tender age of 10.

Her words were “start now and you’ll thank me later” of course not all what she was saying was vanity reasons, lack of wrinkles and leathery skin as you age but against pollution.

I started to wear makeup at 12 and removing it with cleanser, a lotion and liquid base by Nivea. The dark colour that was left on the pad was not just orange but discolouring grey tone from my cheeks!That was pollution!

With The United Nations warning us that we are on course for a 3 degree jump my skin has definitely received the news.

As of late, my skin has just about cleared up. At the beginning of March, sunny temperatures arise and the overwhelming turn of events dawned – March last year we were all snowed in.

After our sunny few weeks, it was back to the norm, wet, windy and rain! My skin was not coping very well with the sudden change and with washing very often due to the gym I was in serious need of body butter. My skin was flaking and it was extremely painful where I had to go to the doctor. I practised moisturising for a month until my skin was better but it’s dawned on me that global warming is not a once and a blue moon thing and nor should we treat it as one.

I’m ready for a ritual:

I have been using the Lancôme beauty skin care pack for my face! A day and night moisturiser, Hydra zen yeux Eye serum and youth activating serum.

Also, Collagen tablets to make my skin look radiant ready for holidays, plus it’s great for reducing cellulite and healthy looking hair. Plus biotin! I have previously mentioned biotin tablets which concentrates on hair and nails in previous post.

As a reminder to keep this routine up I have an old picture of my Nan in her youth. She looked amazing at 80 and it was all down to her routine skin scare of washing face with just water and always moisturising! So simple yet effective.

I have a lot of deadlines to go through but there is no excuse to let myself go no matter how much “effort it requires”. We wouldn’t stop bathing now would we? We should all take skin care seriously, climate change is real and doesn’t just affect our oceans and environment but it is harmful to us. The people who actually live on this earth.

Skin care should be treated as a 5 minute “you” time. And I am all in, as a way of focusing my thoughts on one task, it can become a great form of meditation.

Your hair has to mirror your inner strength – Don’t let it break

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Hair snapping because it’s all your fault is the worst mood ever, it’s deflating but the only one to blame is yourself and instead of moping take action and build a healthier routine for your locks!

I remember when I was 15 years old killing for long and beautiful hair. It was red and curly so I ticked the boxes but I was still not satisfied. It was splitting because I wasn’t thinking about how I was washing or brushing my hair. Creating this uneven shape when I would let my hair down. Gross.

All the tablets and coconut oil in the world couldn’t save me. But one tablet did! Cut right to the chase and saved me a lot of time! A month to be exact to which my hair grew 3 inches!

It’s NOW down to the top part of my booty, from just good hair care and no tablets for years. When I left for uni (no tablets but good hair care) it was just in the middle part of my back! Before it grew to just the middle my hair was to my shoulders. I’ve gone through three very big stages with my hair.

So if you feel like my fifteen year old self then hear are some hidden truths no one tells you about or like to tell you in fact.


– When using shampoo and conditioner, don’t just wash out the conditioner with the same temperature of water. Let the product sit in the hair for minutes and only apply from the middle down. If you leave on top of your hair it will be greasy the next coming day and you will just need another wash a day later. Regular washes take natural oils out.

– Wash out the conditioner with COLD water. It’s horrible the first few times because your relaxed in lush warm water and then a nasty awakening. But pretty hurt as Beyoncé says!

– Don’t dry with a towel use a top, a cotton top! Because a towel is rough and depending on the way you move the towel on your hair can really affect the ends.


– Brush down and then up, sounds confusing but it’s self explanatory. You brush from the ends of your hair all the way up to the scalp

– Do this to avoid bringing nots down to the bottom and as a result you end up ragging your hair like an impatient fool. Maybe it’s just me but curly hair is hard to comb and brushing down and then up is less time consuming!


So many tablets out there saying they are the best for quick effect, if you read their ingredients most of them have a small amount of biotin. This biotin you have probably heard of before is the holy grail!!! You need to buy pure biotin in order to achieve gorgeous long hair. I bought mine from Holland and Barrette for £15! Click the link to get yours. It’s pricey but the results are instant, unfortunately instant everywhere else too…

P.s quick note to say sorry to my regular followers and growing followers last few months for not posting as much. I’ve been hitting the ground running with University. Excuses I know but a girls got to do what she got to do. I was writing this post in the bath thinking let’s go and get some more biotin because that harsh weather is creeping in and that is the worst for hair breaking when you tie it up in a bobble as much as I do!

So I hope you ladies have found gold in my post today, and thanks for reading everyone. My guy followers this is great for you too in case you want a beard or bolding.

Success is found in your daily routine ~ John c. Maxwell

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Winter is among us and that means it’s the beginning of university. The beginning of the end for me today, it will be my last first day ever as it’s my final year. I’m going to make the best out of it. Really embrace the last step in education and just work work work my ass off. I have the best people around me to support me so I’m really lucky and I saw a quote earlier which hit home and it said …

“Your only limit is you”

What comes with breaking barriers is positive thinking and that comes with mindfulness. Monday forward I will practise yoga, and I won’t be full throttle mat out and peace music in the back. It will be more like…

Bed covers off,


And begin some simple stretches from head to toe.approx 5 minutes

Sit up against the door with a blanket and just shut my eyes or sit and try not to think about anything for 3 minutes.

I heard this really helps you set your day on the right path. Not opening your phone checking social media, not waking up and straight away writing lists for the day. Just taking time out in the morning to re group and then face the day.

I can’t wait to start this process properly and this morning was slightly difficult than I thought as I was itching to grab my phone but I did some yoga and woke up very early so that I could take more time out to wake up properly.

Start your day off positive guys! Have a great day,thanks for reading.

Body analysis


This time off from university has been amazing, I’ve loved spending time with all of the people I love so much. It’s been one hell of a summer! But with summer closing, it means winter starvation kicks in.

I did a Body analysis with my Personal trainer today and here are my goals for the month ahead.

I am 22.3% fat as a whole

Weighing 118 lbs

53 kg

So this is a healthy amount of body fat but the target is…

to loose to 1.3% body fat in 4 weeks. Which is apparently WAY tougher than loosing a 1lb in weight. Nervous but so excited. One day of a cheat day and I can’t go mad. Thank you mark for letting me have at least a pizza day😇

This past week has been all about eating dairy and eating bad before my last good byes for a month. Wednesday and Thursday was chippy and Indian day full of coconut and cream and lots of carbs and cheese. Stake night tonight and cheese cake with cream…

Dieting is mindful control! you must feed good thoughts in order to meet your goals. Dieting is 80% and exercise is 20% a good positive attitude can help you achieve 100%

Im so excited to start my final year and burn lots of energy whilst dieting, that always helps drop weight!!

So excited!!

Let’s do this!!!!


Use the app tracker

And drink 1 and half ltr

Lots of chicken and veg

Whole grain pasta

Cheat days – 1 day only

Moderate in the week:

Peanut butter!


Fruit intake

Carb based foods

Too much milk

I’ve lost 3 pounds since my diet!


So you followed my last week health journey and I mentioned how this week I was to do the same. Well I started Sunday and today is Tuesday and I have lost an addition of 3 pounds!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it and it’s only Tuesday. Perserverience is everything. I have a few follow up images of my transformation start to finish. Check it out.

Summer 2015

Summer 2016

My weight loss journey since January 2017:

Thanks for reading…

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Day 3 and 4 of my health and fitness plan


I guess I should have stated in my latest posts thst the 800/900 calorie diet is quiet drastic. I am aware that it is something thst could be very effective but harmful too. I have stated thst it can give you the following if carried out for too long: nausia, head aches, dizziness, etc.

I have made a health post not so long ago but not ever gone reads my posts so just to illustrate again:

Please consult your doctor! Always do your research. 800 calories diet is legit, I have followed many books and I have done my research on my BMI and whether I’m eligible. To which I am to continue. But only for a week guys!!! I know I said I’ll be doing for another week but that is hardly a week. I’ll be doing this for 4 days. Having a very bad chest day. And then doing it again for another 5 days and back to my cheat weekend. That’s the best way to do it in my eyes. And you loose more by the end of the weekend because your body goes into overdrive.


I have no pictures because I have been in work today! I’m so sorry but half of it you have already seen. So ill be having my


Rice, lettuce, tomatoes, chillie con carne.

Dinner is chicken and mushrooms with rice.


It comes to around 1,000 calories so I haven’t got target and I got around 125g of carbs today.


Today is a good day and here is what I had!

My favourite breakfast again!

An omlete with low fat cheese spread, spinage and avocado!

My own recipe. Some spaghetti with half a cup of grated cheese and tiny bit of butter and water to melt it all together. Boiled until stringy and then add spinage and prawns (already cooked) to blend in with the rest of the food.

These last two days have been hard to keep track of and I am a little bit disappointed but when you get knocked down you have to pick yourself back up again. Next week is a fresh start. Always keep trying.

Atleast I have been active today and I have burnt 700+ calories!!!!

Day 2 of my health and fitness plan

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My motivation today has been my new bikinis! They are so gorgeous and I can’t wait to flaunt them on the beach – summer bod here we come! I bought this set from Shein, an amazing site, and where I bought majority of my holiday clothes, so I can’t wait to show you them as well. But so far so good with my health plan, I have noticed how quick I can bounce back from 1,200 calories to 800/900 calories which is a skill in itself!


Today I have been craving for some carbs but all in moderation, I have been using my app yesterday and today to keep track of everything I consume. The app I use is NutraCheck. Its so simple and easy and I just love it, without it, my diet wouldn’t be as carefully monitored, its surprising how some things you believe are healthy when in fact they are not! Always check ingredients!

I am crazy crazy for these Warbutons seeded protein bagels. So thin for bagels, but omg they are so filling. I also use Whole earth Cashew peanut butter, banana’s and a tiny bit of honey onto to give into my sweet tooth. Mother Nature has made her monthly visit ladies… so I’m calling for any help in the sweet department.
Warbutons seeded bagels 60g
Rowse Manuka honey 16g
Whole earth Cashews peanut butter 30g
Small banana 
= 472 calories and 57.1g of carbs



Image – Feast and West Website.

(The image is not mine, I took it from Feast and West because I again ate my food before I took an image, but the likeness is there.) Yes, I have embellished in more bread, but please don’t point the finger because its hard! I am always on top of how much I am consuming anyways, so one white toast. I would have preferred wholegrain or rye bread but momma bear has gone shopping and I’m too lazy. Mushed up avocado, and a thin later of low fat cream cheese., it’s always better to have fats in your diet and one organic fried egg. My favourite lunch!
white toast 23g slice
low fat cream cheese 30g
half Avocado
fried egg
= 275 cals and 13.5g of carbs

My replacement burgers – Spinach and pumpkin quorn burgers are amazing! I just love having these to go, when I am at college or work! They are lovely with a side of vegetables, and I prefer to have them with runny beans. I feel as though one of these is enough because they do the trick!
Pumpkin and spinach quorn burgers 80g
runner beans 60g
= 172 cal and 21g of carbs

OVERALL = I have had 919 calories, 75% carbs today, so under 100 and I have burnt around 400 calories in the gym!


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My 4 day health and fitness plan


Following from my last blog post, practising the ‘middle way’ in life and most importantly in my diet, I wanted to dedicate this post to my new meal and fitness plan which starts today!

I have been doing so well for so long, I have this energy and motivation towards health I have never had before. I have been going strong for four months now and it’s worked a treat. I have lost a stone, from 9 stone 4, I am 8.6! I am looking to loose an additional 3 pounds ready for my holiday, the process to loosing a stone was especially a goal of mine for those Phuket beach pictures and generally a healthier life. But my latest goal to loose 3 extra pounds is more for my sanity when I come home from holiday.

Thai staple foods are of course fried rice, noodles, lots of meats, fish and salads. As much as I will be clinging to those healthier salads and soups, there is no doubt in my mind that I am on holiday and will of course indulge in some well deserved treats. It’s bound to happen when you go on holiday, your weird if you don’t put on the pounds when you come home, but this is how I will save myself from feeling so sluggish. I’ve worked so hard to loose the stone I don’t want to put on additional pounds, so if I loose just a little bit more, and to then come back from holiday and see I am still around 8.6 mark I will be happy with that.

The food plan: 
– 800/900 calorie diet for the next 4 days.
– My one treat day will be Saturday. Sunday I will be back on my 800 calorie diet again for 5 days.
– I will then stop the 800 cal and go back to 1,100 for the week to slowly build my intake and then back to normal the week after, on 1,200 calories a day.
– During these weeks I will be monitoring my sugar and carb intake, my daily carbs should range from 100g a day and sugar should be less than 50g.

The fitness plan:

I have recently been training with a personal trainer and he has helped me find exercises that can help me slender and tone without building muscle. My greatest machine is the cycle machine, it really makes you slender and especially on the legs, flat running for 6 minutes and some leg and bum tonal work and stretches. I should be burning 500, to 600 calories every day or 4 times a week. 

My meal plan today: 


Sorry for less appetising picture of my free from gluten oats, if you hadn’t already seen in my earlier posts, I get my oats from Tesco’s. All gluten and wheat free. Oats are so amazing for you if you want to be fuller for longer. Alpro soya milk, just enough to make a coffee into the saucepan and Bananas for energy and taste! You do tend to feel sluggish on the 800 calorie diet at first, thats why its best to only do for a short period of time. I added a dash of cinnamon which is also a great ingredient to help your metabolism. Washed down with my morning pepper mint tea, great for the digestive system! Certainly helps you on your weight loss journey.
30g – oats 
small banana
Alpro milk – 40 ml
Pepper mint tea 
= 215 calories = 40.g of carbs

My lunch consisted of two hard boiled eggs, and I use this egg timer which goes inside the saucepan and lets me know how soft or hard my eggs are. I LOVE IT! buy one like this –>> click!

5 spears of asparagus, boil whilst the eggs are boiling. I use a tea spoon of olive oil on the asparagus to add some rich flavour and texture. the picture shows 3 spears but I couldn’t help but dig in before taking a picture. I fancied some of the last of my Mediterranean Couscous which was a great addition to my lunch!

2x small organic eggs
Couscous – 20g
5 spears
olive oil
=209 cal = 7.8g of carbs

My dinner will be a cooked dinner, now I definitely don’t need to show you what I cooked dinner is, but mine will be without any potatoes and just meat and veg. I am very careful on my portion sizes, so my kid size meal will probably come to around 475 calories.

leaving me at 937 calories and 96.2g of carbs today. 

Keep posted on tomorrow’s meal plan and perhaps have a go at making some of these meal’s yourself! 

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