This week’s celeb fashion favourites 

These three ladies are always popping up in my notifications! I NEED to see what they have on next. I mean, Kylie is making me so excited to wear tight tops and loose stripe loose trousers that take me to the 80s but with edge and darkness. 


That yellow extravagant patterned oversized T is just killing it for me. There doesn’t seem to be anything else underneath, what a great item to pull off as a dress. All I keep thinking about is what would go with this outfit shoe wise and of course it’s going to be kourtney Kardashian’s shoes!!!

Save your wardrobe with Cami’s 

When you want to wear a pair of jeans, shorts, pencil, short or long skirts and you’ve worn your favourite tops too many times! Camis are just a life saver girlies. You can’t go wrong with them, affordable and luxurious in silk. You can go looking relaxed and ever so chic at the same time. I love you camis. Try and get a few in different colours because once you wear one you need more and they are so worth getting. I have three in dark purple, lilac/grey and this gorgeous cream and flowery print cami.

Shopping the staples 

My latest post on summer obsessions was of course my shopping checklist. Fair to say I nailed it, take a look at my yesterday buys.

Let’s start off with the hat. This baby has been hiding all the way in Spain and all the way near to the end of my holiday, but now that I have it my bikinis feel complete… Seriously though guys, it’s been a nightmare. My head is just too bloody small!

These retro/hippie glasses are just everything. I have never been one for rounded glasses due to my slim oval shaped face and mostly because a face map told me to steer away from them, but I like them on! Can’t believe I’ve stayed away all this time. If you have read my summer obssession post, You would know I mentioned cat eye sunglasses instead, But come on…these are so cute!

The silver tree knecklass is forbidden on my neck until anniversary. Thanks Ben but also, thanks Ben (sad face). I can’t wait to wear the necklace everyday, I have been in need of a intricate styled necklace.

The thick gold hoops! Yes that was defiantly on the list. There’s nothing really much else to say about them other than they are perfect against everything!

I have bought many more items especially clothes but they will be coming later for when I head off to Rome! So keep checking in for all the latest trends, tips, and fashion travel diaries.

Maxi skirt appreciation

My first and only maxi skirt so far guys. Like I have mentioned before with the height thing, (still love you mum and dad), it’s a pain in the a**. However, atleast I own one. 

Skirts like these are so dependable. Too dependable in my case, as I just seems to always grab it and nothing else. The beach, shopping and evening meals. 

Soft pink pastel colours are so pretty this summer. Long floaty skirts scream feminine and I’m screaming too! I FOUND ONE! 

My summer obsessions that will be yours too! 

Everyone knows right? The straw floppy beach hats are like a must right now, in which I still haven’t found the perfect one? But yet they dominate my instagram? 


Long feminine skirts that nearly touch the ground in pastel colours or plain and have pretty little wave like fringes in the slits.

Giftry Pinterest 


Then there’s the stunning cat eye sunglasses, gold thick hoop earings and your slip on silk dresses.

Screenshot of Lucywilliams fashion blogger – fashion me now – slip on dress  

Emrata instagram screenshot – gold thick hoops 

Marieclairemag Instagram screenshot – kendal Jenner – sunglasses

The shoes that go with all of these pretty things… a good pair of trusty brown thin strap sandals and here’s a few of my favourite ones.



That’s a lot of staple items this summer, But where would you be without them! Not just for this year but for many more summer’s, these picture perfect outfits are are never dying fashion!

Abroad update – In a lust for lime

This lime dress has really hit it hard; To nightlife and sophisticated evening meals, switching the dress into a silk blouse, tucked inside jeans. What a dress hey! 

Wearing my extraordinary floral bag against the lime (hint of gold) dress, I feel multicultural. I’m hooked on this new switch up! Slender and exotic flowers are symbolic to both Chinese and Japanese cultures, with its aesthetic being bold and bright colours! 
Silk being a predominant material for centuries in Chinese clothing, and is still a beautiful fabric that will never vanish!

Apart from the dress’ elastic hold in the waist, the two fringes that fold like a petal at the front are different and interesting but I almost want to cover the line that holds them? 

It looks too frumpy on its own so I deside to use a black belt. It was hassle as the belt doesn’t have enough holes for my waist! So I just put the clip on the side and then tucked the tail end of the belt behind the belt. 

Abroad update – Flirty frocks 

This maxi dress fits me like a glove. The dreaded moment before entering the changing rooms, the final result – IT FITS! This being a big deal to me due to the fact my height is 5.1 and maxi dresses are always best suited for longer legs.

This dress was perfect for my Barcelona trip, blending with the ostentatious buildings and weathered grimmy streets; this dress was the perfect loose chiffon dress for Barcelona weather. The small pretty peach and blue flower prints made the dress playful, but the wrap around the chest and the tie-in at the waste gave the dress that flirtatious effect. 

This summer it is all about the froks and I’m almost disappointed that I didn’t invest in more. There is always next time…Catch me in my new froks when in Rome!

Tote bags can be more than just plain bags! 

Just as I was about to buy another bag for holiday, it struck me that my gorgeous interior designed tote bag was sitting at home. Practical room and brilliant compartments…but so plain! 

As I turned away from the bag, I saw on one rail, gorgeous thin neck scarves and the idea just came to me. 

This is my bag before

This is my bag now…

Here is another style…

I love the yellow, cream and black colours in the scarf because it looks lovely against the red background.
Here is how I done it…

  •  Be really carefully when piercing through the bag with scissors. 
  • If you want the fabric to have a bow or be a certain length just pull the inside for the length to be shorter or if you want it longer then pull the two ends of the scarf closer to you.                                                                                   If your tote bag is expensive and you don’t want to poke holes through it then it’s fine to just wrap the scarf around one of the handles. That would be a pretty touch!

      Amazing styles that will get you through the awkward temperatures. 

      It’s finally spring! The sunshine now begins to peer through your curtains early morning and we are finally leaving the miserbale dark and cold mornings behind us. 

      Despite this lovely sunny weather, there is still a chill in the air. I don’t know where you guys are from but I know here in Britian it’s still a little breezy at times, but so bright and sunny…it looks weird being in boots, scarves, and wooly jumpers now – so here are the best tips you can get for tackling the cold temperatures in summery clothes but still keeping warm. 

      Topshop website.

      denim jacket is a must have item and is defiantly your angel when it comes to the awkward weather temperature!

      I will be mentioning a denim jacket with every outfit trend I suggest on this post! 

      It’s so light but also keeps your body locked in for warmth. Underneath you can wear bright clothes like this model, striped tops are so in and the white jeans keep the outfit looking light. The thin statement scarf is brilliant if you want to keep your chest warm without looking like your still hung up on the winter weather.

      Newlook website.

      This lovely red cat print scater dress from Newlook is brilliant for looking summery and elegant but to keep yourself away from that cold breeze, wear black skin tights with grey slip on plimsolls or ankle boots with a denim jacket.

      Photo by Jessica Morley. Newlook bag.

      This red newlook backpack over a denim jacket would make this entire outfit even sweeter – a very college student look.

      Photo by Jessica Morley. Instagram.

      I know it’s another red dress but this time its ribbed and its longer. Any colour will do, chuck your favourite trainers on (mine being original Adidas) and then add your denim jacket. Such an easy and simply style – to look more edgy perhaps use a choker like I have in this picture. Plus I felt a bit too summery with just a dress and the denim jacket with there were a few clouds in the sky, so I just added a plain black shirt sleeved top and tighed it up at the front. 

      How to alternate your shirts for any season!

      If you follow a lot of fashion accounts on social media and have recently scrolled through your news feed, you may of guessed its fashion week. If you didn’t know, fashion week happens twice a year, wherein fashion designers flaunt their new upcoming clothing line for the current seasons. If you are a fashion lover, your eyes have most probably been fixed on your phone screens and no doubt got yourself in trouble with your mates and lecturers for not listening. If you have been keeping a watchful eye, you must of seen the amazing styles of shirts popping up recently. From famous fashion bloggers on Instagram, to fashion magazines, all of who have been bombarding us lately with trendy and flamboyant ways to wear a shirt. You’re probably thinking, shirts are shirts, but I’m certain this post wont loose your attention, whether or not you live and breathe fashion, here are five trendy shirt styles to help inspire you.


      Famous fashion blogger, Pallavi Signh Ruhail, made this look go viral last year and is a recurring trend this year in Vogue February edition.


      Vogue February edition, model Selena Forrest, works the back to front shirt in ‘Shirting The Issue’ chapter.


      This over sized bamboo patterned shirts in the Blumarine pre-collection for SS17, brings a romantic and elegant feel to the outfit, perfect for the summer.


      A complimentary collaboration of layers. The safari shirt from Zara and the turtle neck underneath go great together for the harsh weather.


      Missguided suggest using a shirt as more of an accessory than anything else, a very under rated co-ordination to make your style instantly edgie.