My replacement pancakes to make breakfast fun whilst dieting


Pancakes have become my craving since my trip to Kaspas. For those unaware, it is a desert joint that serves anything and everything sweet. In this picture by here…

Pancakes are not all that bad, as there is no sugar in them but just a lot of carbs. They become bad when you add caramel, ice cream, Nutella and chocolate chunks… my mouth is watering but anyways.

Porridge was all I was having for breakfast and not the usual porridge you buy. I have been buying the Tesco free from gluten pure oats pack. Purely oats!!! No added sugars nor powdered milk.

I have been craving so bad for pancakes and I found a way to make my breakfast more fun in the week by having them with less wheat and more oats. Here’s the trick:

Step one! The main ingredient:

Buy plain oats, wheat free, your much better off:check out this product from Tesco that I always buy. I always measure my oats, as its good to know how much your consuming rather than guessing so I measure my oats up to 30g.

Step two:

I measure self raising flour (gluten free) by 20g which is usually two big tablespoons.

Step three:

Then add one raw egg, a teaspoon of Whole earth smooth peanut butter, 100 ml of soya milk, I buy the cashew or roasted Alpro milk its so sweet and only 21 calories. Remember this should all be in a good size mixing bowl.

Step four:

I then wisk or blend it all until the oats are broken down and the ingredients are runny and smooth. A blender is best as the oats are really hard to grind.Add a tea spoon of butter to the pan and pour the mix.

Be warned, because there isn’t much flour, the pancake will break a little as you try and get under the pancake yiu may not get it first time. You have to let the heat get to the bottom for a while and go round the edge of the pancake with a spatula and turn the pan around so the mix on top can burn on the sides. Keep repeating this a few times.

Everyone loves a perfectly round pancake.

Step five:

Then add some banana’s and dice them up thin so you have more to eat and I always add some Manuka honey for extra sweetness but not too much…

Incredibly filling! I ate this pancake at 10:00 am and didn’t eat until 2:00. For some thats fine but to me thats weird, as I always have lunch at around 12 because I’m starving by then.

I hope you guys try this out and love it as much as I do, its really great to have as a replacement but try and stay away from those sugary spreads because this oat pancake becomes useless, give it the love it deserves. Treats are for the weekend!

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