Moda Theresa


Thank you ever so much for coming over to my page, and for reading this part especially because this blog means a lot to me, people inspiring me and enjoying my posts is wonderful. In addition, my site title is related to my late nan (mum) she’s more than words can begin to express. She is always mentioned here as my ‘Inspiration’. Lot’s of my content showcase health and lifestyle, documenting my travels, the fact I am very beauty conscious so skin care routines are for definite and mostly beautiful creations of diverse fashion styles. These always have embedded personal notes in each category as it is important for me to connect to readers. I can’t say thank you enough to my followers/ fellow bloggers for their amazing support. Hope the rest of you enjoy my posts and love to follow my journey.


Sending love from Wales (UK).

19 thoughts on “Moda Theresa

    1. I couldn’t imagine being there but I remember seeing on the Tele. As a journalism student, it angered me how the press just put the spotlight on the attackers like they always do. The media need to be more clever in the way they publicise these stories instead of making a platform for terrorist. I wrote am essay on thus subject too!


      1. Jessica I couldn’t believe the article in Rolling Stone. My girlfriend was a manager at Barnes and Noble and she refused to sell that particular edition.i was stunned when it happened . Patriots Day, which is the day they have the race is a festive occasion in Boston. I couldn’t believe someone would actually pick that day and that city. But they found them and God forgive me, one of them got what he deserved. The other one should have joined his brother in Hell.


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        Hope you will join us ❤xx

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      2. That sounds really fun and thanks so much for relating all information! Honoured to be noticed and I will certainly be in touch soon I just have a few things to take care of this weekend. Thanks so much again ❤️❤️😍

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