Eat, prey, loving life. The Bali trip rundown!

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Wherever you go in the world “there’s no place like home” but when you come to Bali this place feels like home. Unfortunately, you can’t uplift your friends and family over there but at least I came home and got everyone putting Bali on their bucket list. Everyone should make the trip because it’s a 1000% worth it! I can’t recommend the “billabong, surfer” vibe haven enough!

I’ll do the quickest and simplest run down, I’ve already taken up your time and you just want to know the bullet points.

So here it goes ……

  • The Seminyak sunset beach, picture perfect, peaceful and sure as Hell “moby – porcelain” vibes yanno like “the beach” film! The bean bags are dotted all across this clean scenic beach front and the waves are so breathtaking. They sure as hell will bring you back to life after zenning out in the bean bags, when you hear the crashing waves, they are a loud reminder that yes, this place is real!

Beach clubs

1. Jungle fish in ubud

2. potato head in Seminyak/kuta

3. azul Seminyak square

4. Omnia beach club ubud

The food in all these places was outstanding!!! Most places in Bali serve vegan food which tasted amazing and not like the vegan food back home. The views were heaven and the entire layout was so chilled with a really good twist of music to get you perked up.


The water is piercing blue with gorgeous tropical fish, colours surrounding you all the time and a graceful turtle swimming by. This place is a must but the island itself is not as “remote” as you would think, shops are granted of course but seemed so hectic and lots of tourist traffic. I was expecting a lot more rural/ forestry?


Tengenugan waterfall ubud

Near Kanto lampo ubud

Kanto lampo ubud

Mason elephant sanctuary ubud

We did not ride these majestic creatures because we 100% don’t believe in it. We fed and bathed these beauties and they seemed to enjoy it!

The kynd community! seminyak

This place I am still obsessing over, I’ve never ever tried vegan food quite like this place. I had the kind Big Mac which was out of this world and still don’t shut up about it. Big up Kendall for finding this gem.

The monkey temple ubud

The baby monkeys were adorable…..but the big boys ohhhh no! Slightly terrified, there’s a lot going on in this place but you should definitely make the trip because the guides are there to protect you and belongings, and the babies are just something you don’t want to miss!

Bali swing ubud

When I look back I can’t actually believe we managed to experience all these things. We’ve learnt and experience so much together I am so glad to have spent this time with them and look forward to future with these amazing galys!