Swap one or two items, you got yourself a transformation


I’m sorry about the poor quality of pictures with the car park having dull lighting it was hard to work with. But you can just about make out my date night outfit.

The temperatures dropped considerable by night time so I was lucky to have brought my oversized cardigan. I really love this 90’s Rachel theme! A good old white T underneath a sweet floral maxi. A maxi that fits for once, wow!!

With this sort of dress, my hand tends to lean towards nice chunky white trainers, however, docs are really in especially when wearing a floaty skirt or dress so I thought, yaas. It went perfectly with me petite studded leather Dior bag so the outfit was more in sync with it being slightly grunge but not too heavy against the blue and white floral summer colours. A simple but different kind of look for me as I do loooooove my trusty trainers!

This dress will definitely make an appearance minus the top and shoes, keeping in a headband/ s crunchy and gold coin necklace – ready for those powdery sands in May!

Layering for those awkward temperatures


So it’s too cold to not wear a scarf but with the bright blue sunny skies giving off summer vibes I personally feel conscious lugging round in a puffer. As well, you just end up sweating in it and lugging it round in your hand.

I want to look free but feel comfortable during these awkward temperatures, and my favourite inspired look if I haven’t said before is definitely the old time 70’s alternative style.

You could say since I began watching that 70’s show, I’m sorry it wasn’t influenced by any real music culture. I’m sorry, I’m a wannabe!

A skin care routine is vital – a barrier against climate change

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From a young age my mum has always ensured me to practise good skin care. I believe my first SPF cream was at the tender age of 10.

Her words were “start now and you’ll thank me later” of course not all what she was saying was vanity reasons, lack of wrinkles and leathery skin as you age but against pollution.

I started to wear makeup at 12 and removing it with cleanser, a lotion and liquid base by Nivea. The dark colour that was left on the pad was not just orange but discolouring grey tone from my cheeks!That was pollution!

With The United Nations warning us that we are on course for a 3 degree jump my skin has definitely received the news.

As of late, my skin has just about cleared up. At the beginning of March, sunny temperatures arise and the overwhelming turn of events dawned – March last year we were all snowed in.

After our sunny few weeks, it was back to the norm, wet, windy and rain! My skin was not coping very well with the sudden change and with washing very often due to the gym I was in serious need of body butter. My skin was flaking and it was extremely painful where I had to go to the doctor. I practised moisturising for a month until my skin was better but it’s dawned on me that global warming is not a once and a blue moon thing and nor should we treat it as one.

I’m ready for a ritual:

I have been using the Lancôme beauty skin care pack for my face! A day and night moisturiser, Hydra zen yeux Eye serum and youth activating serum.

Also, Collagen tablets to make my skin look radiant ready for holidays, plus it’s great for reducing cellulite and healthy looking hair. Plus biotin! I have previously mentioned biotin tablets which concentrates on hair and nails in previous post.

As a reminder to keep this routine up I have an old picture of my Nan in her youth. She looked amazing at 80 and it was all down to her routine skin scare of washing face with just water and always moisturising! So simple yet effective.

I have a lot of deadlines to go through but there is no excuse to let myself go no matter how much “effort it requires”. We wouldn’t stop bathing now would we? We should all take skin care seriously, climate change is real and doesn’t just affect our oceans and environment but it is harmful to us. The people who actually live on this earth.

Skin care should be treated as a 5 minute “you” time. And I am all in, as a way of focusing my thoughts on one task, it can become a great form of meditation.

Your hair has to mirror your inner strength – Don’t let it break

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Hair snapping because it’s all your fault is the worst mood ever, it’s deflating but the only one to blame is yourself and instead of moping take action and build a healthier routine for your locks!

I remember when I was 15 years old killing for long and beautiful hair. It was red and curly so I ticked the boxes but I was still not satisfied. It was splitting because I wasn’t thinking about how I was washing or brushing my hair. Creating this uneven shape when I would let my hair down. Gross.

All the tablets and coconut oil in the world couldn’t save me. But one tablet did! Cut right to the chase and saved me a lot of time! A month to be exact to which my hair grew 3 inches!

It’s NOW down to the top part of my booty, from just good hair care and no tablets for years. When I left for uni (no tablets but good hair care) it was just in the middle part of my back! Before it grew to just the middle my hair was to my shoulders. I’ve gone through three very big stages with my hair.

So if you feel like my fifteen year old self then hear are some hidden truths no one tells you about or like to tell you in fact.


– When using shampoo and conditioner, don’t just wash out the conditioner with the same temperature of water. Let the product sit in the hair for minutes and only apply from the middle down. If you leave on top of your hair it will be greasy the next coming day and you will just need another wash a day later. Regular washes take natural oils out.

– Wash out the conditioner with COLD water. It’s horrible the first few times because your relaxed in lush warm water and then a nasty awakening. But pretty hurt as Beyoncé says!

– Don’t dry with a towel use a top, a cotton top! Because a towel is rough and depending on the way you move the towel on your hair can really affect the ends.


– Brush down and then up, sounds confusing but it’s self explanatory. You brush from the ends of your hair all the way up to the scalp

– Do this to avoid bringing nots down to the bottom and as a result you end up ragging your hair like an impatient fool. Maybe it’s just me but curly hair is hard to comb and brushing down and then up is less time consuming!


So many tablets out there saying they are the best for quick effect, if you read their ingredients most of them have a small amount of biotin. This biotin you have probably heard of before is the holy grail!!! You need to buy pure biotin in order to achieve gorgeous long hair. I bought mine from Holland and Barrette for £15! Click the link to get yours. It’s pricey but the results are instant, unfortunately instant everywhere else too…

P.s quick note to say sorry to my regular followers and growing followers last few months for not posting as much. I’ve been hitting the ground running with University. Excuses I know but a girls got to do what she got to do. I was writing this post in the bath thinking let’s go and get some more biotin because that harsh weather is creeping in and that is the worst for hair breaking when you tie it up in a bobble as much as I do!

So I hope you ladies have found gold in my post today, and thanks for reading everyone. My guy followers this is great for you too in case you want a beard or bolding.

The fashion site I depend on this summer


So majority of my holiday clothes were from this amazing website that just has everything you want and see in a designer outlet but at an affordable price. “Roam” over to Romwe because “She’s in” ladies, I got great quality clothes and accessories and for very very cheap prices. From both Romwe and SHEIN.

That’s all a gal wants when she has spent thousands on a luxurious holiday to thailand. Yes, I have finally touched down in Phuket. After 4 hour long coach, 12 hour flight and another hour flight to Phuket. It’s been long and here I am still updating my lovely followers this is an important update. So if you haven’t found your beach bags or nice accessories for the beach get your fingers to tap on the link.

Here’s what I bought:

This simple white net bag that is so small in the packaging, you would think you could barely get anything in there but the netting is bare stretchie so don’t worry about cramming lot’s of water bottles, books, sun cream and snacks in there!

I am so glad I found a nice sheer throw over, it is so practical as well as pretty because the sides at the front are longer which ables you to wrap it around in the front like this.

A cute bangle that goes with everything and brings a bit of soft elegance against your bikinis is the best, compared to your usual beach jewellery. I nice metal band that can be worn on the wrist or higher part of your arm, to create that relaxed look. I find chained flashy beach wear… exactly flashy. Simple and pretty is my forte.

These sunglasses are really in at the moment. Really round with a thick white outline screams 50’s and 60’s fashion. If I wasn’t wearing yellow, all black with a red lip would make this bikini outfit hit other levels of vintage. There’s always another fashion post to make…

Until next time, in more of my SHEIN and Romwe gear…

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My day date look


I finally got to wear the sundress I wanted too because the weekend was glorious and it was my first weekend where me and Ben were both free all day so we made a day of it…. Well I did, shopping!

My nan’s cardigan came out with me on Saturday. Despite the lovely weather we had over the weekend in Wales. It was a must, to layer the way I did, the pop of colour was important for this dark dress. This kind of red makes everything light up very well. A denim jacket for the unpredictable weather that is Wales, the red cardigan wrapped around the waist made it look extra but also toned down and less girly. The Original Adidas trainers helped in the relax department too.

To bring some sass, cat eye sunglasses and some gorgeous earrings I bought in Wallis Debenhams in the sale!

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How I converted my nans necklace into earings…


Her necklace was a gorgeous slightly neon orange. In shapes of lumpy rocks that appeared bigger further down the chain. It was a nice necklace but a necklace my sister, mother nor I would wear.

But nonetheless it was her favourite and we wanted to incorporate our own style and cherish something that was her even more by wearing it!

So we had bracelets and earings made. By a lovely woman and old high school/college friend of my mother’s.

They are so dainty and elegant! Pergect re crestions. Follow Peni and her Facebook page Hearts and Dragonflies

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Day 2 of my health and fitness plan

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My motivation today has been my new bikinis! They are so gorgeous and I can’t wait to flaunt them on the beach – summer bod here we come! I bought this set from Shein, an amazing site, and where I bought majority of my holiday clothes, so I can’t wait to show you them as well. But so far so good with my health plan, I have noticed how quick I can bounce back from 1,200 calories to 800/900 calories which is a skill in itself!


Today I have been craving for some carbs but all in moderation, I have been using my app yesterday and today to keep track of everything I consume. The app I use is NutraCheck. Its so simple and easy and I just love it, without it, my diet wouldn’t be as carefully monitored, its surprising how some things you believe are healthy when in fact they are not! Always check ingredients!

I am crazy crazy for these Warbutons seeded protein bagels. So thin for bagels, but omg they are so filling. I also use Whole earth Cashew peanut butter, banana’s and a tiny bit of honey onto to give into my sweet tooth. Mother Nature has made her monthly visit ladies… so I’m calling for any help in the sweet department.
Warbutons seeded bagels 60g
Rowse Manuka honey 16g
Whole earth Cashews peanut butter 30g
Small banana 
= 472 calories and 57.1g of carbs



Image – Feast and West Website.

(The image is not mine, I took it from Feast and West because I again ate my food before I took an image, but the likeness is there.) Yes, I have embellished in more bread, but please don’t point the finger because its hard! I am always on top of how much I am consuming anyways, so one white toast. I would have preferred wholegrain or rye bread but momma bear has gone shopping and I’m too lazy. Mushed up avocado, and a thin later of low fat cream cheese., it’s always better to have fats in your diet and one organic fried egg. My favourite lunch!
white toast 23g slice
low fat cream cheese 30g
half Avocado
fried egg
= 275 cals and 13.5g of carbs

My replacement burgers – Spinach and pumpkin quorn burgers are amazing! I just love having these to go, when I am at college or work! They are lovely with a side of vegetables, and I prefer to have them with runny beans. I feel as though one of these is enough because they do the trick!
Pumpkin and spinach quorn burgers 80g
runner beans 60g
= 172 cal and 21g of carbs

OVERALL = I have had 919 calories, 75% carbs today, so under 100 and I have burnt around 400 calories in the gym!


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Upside down hair care


I was debating whether to put this image upside down to make my point, but that would be silly. The picture does clearly indicate messy hair, clearly my top tip was well in use, prior to this picture.


My hair has grown beyond belief. It is crazy how much it grew in just a year, from simply hanging my head upside down and giving my scalp a deep massage. It was the only thing I did everyday for a month and my hair grew 3 inches.

I remember buying hair extensions 3 months before, and what a waste that was, £80 down the drain, I never use them unless I need to make my hair look more volumised because my hair just grew so much.

It for sure seems like a myth and maybe for some this was, but patients is a virtue and here are my step by step guides just to give you the absolute lock down on this hair hack.


– Upside down massage works, rub your head for 1 minute in any Argon oil or coconut oil that will help condition the hair and also feel smooth rather than rough

– To speed things along take biotin tablets. They are amazing!!!! THEY ARE KNOWN FOR MAKING EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY HAIR GROWN LIKE BIG FOOT, whats wrong with a double shave everyday! Only joking, but it did make my arm hairs grow so long!!

– Always keep track, you may not see a difference but if you take picture of your growth and keep an album dedicated to your hair journey in your phone you can see the difference week by week.

– Eat lots of fish! lot’s of organic and fresh fish!

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The mascara I’ve used since I was 16


(Cruelty free! See link below)

Yes, Rimmel London and we have spent many happy years together, you all may see mascara as just mascara but to me its my everything. As bloggers we are always up for trying new cosmetics and my bank account is evident to that… but hell to the no on switching this baby. I CAN NOT leave the house with out it on, I guess you could say that makes me a little insecure but when you have bleach blonde eyelashes like I do, your gunna need all the help you can get.

Rimmel London Extreme black Wonder’Full mascara has been my haven. I am blessed with long lashes anyways but this baby really extends them and make my eyes look bigger. This product will in fact help you in achieving naturally long lashes because it has Argan oil ingredients, so your basically giving yourself the extra treatment of looking gorgeous. Also, when I apply, it somehow intensifies my natural eye colour, they are blue but whenever I apply, but my eyes becoming deep blue. Wonder’Full covers all the hairs and gives them great volume, others ask if am wearing fake ones! I get it alllll the time, so I’ve never switched because I’m too loyal and in love.


Do you guys have any favourite products you just can’t part with?

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Link: Animal cruelty Free