Kylie lip kit is truly amazing. Our Jenner won’t distribute bad quality cosmetics now would they.

I am very happy I spent the money to get one. Long lasting and non smudge! It’s actually so hard to get off your lips.

Here is the Koko K and I also bought the Posie K which is my favourite. Anyways…

Believe it or not this is after nearly more than six scrubs! It’s so hard to get off, so it’s great for when your on a night out having drinks or a nice meal out.

This is after six more scrubs. I know my scrubbing is accurate but I can’t get over how great this lip kit is. You won’t even have to worry about taking it out with you because it won’t leave your lips!

6 thoughts on “Kylizzlemylips 

  1. lovejennyxo

    That was my favorite thing about the lip kits, they really do stay on anddd they are absolutely the best color tones. However, I bought mine literally the first time she released them and when I applied it (the matte ones) it dried up my lips SO BAD. I know matte does that but this was more then any matte lip product I’ve tried. I’m eager to try it again though because in most recent reviews I heard it’s better quality! And after reading your post, I really want to try it again!

    xo, JJ

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