Keep it Clinique 

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This Clinique foam cleanser is fantastic for taking off makeup and certainly for your skin. I have wanted to try Clinique for a very long time and I am satisfied with the outcome.

This product is not harsh to my face at all and I am pleased to find something that isn’t as I have sensitive skin. This product is so creamy and moisturising.

It’s not so much foamy? Until you rub it in your face A LOT! but foamy? Nope. My face felt so soft, smooth, refreshing and not tight. It’s still always best to put a bit of moisturiser on.

Comment down below if you want or have Clinique products, I’d love to hear your views.

love love love this stuff xxx

14 thoughts on “Keep it Clinique 

  1. Clinique has amazing products, don’t they! I used to like them this much, because I like to have a bit of perfume in my products and I thought the packaging was so simple. But now that I’ve tried different things from them, I just love them. My product favs are: their flower blushes, their toner, the Take the day off cleansing balm! I’ve never tried this one though, will have to add it to my list! xoxo Sarah

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    1. I haven’t tried any of the ones you have tried and would like too! But I am currently on the hunt for something in the night time, este lauder have this night moisturiser but I want it to be like an oily Base? Do you know where I could get one?🌼


      1. I can recommend an Estée Lauder night cleanser (which is amazing!), but I haven’t really tried anything with an oily base. To be honest, i’m currently using almond oil for night time… xoxo Sarah

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