Don’t wait for something to make a comeback

my inspiration, Style

Make it your own… I’ve learnt over the course of time that fashion always has a throwback but style endures. I kinda stole that from madam moiselle herself. Anyways. It’s true.

Also, flickering through old pictures of my nan, it REALLY stands out how much the style in her time as prevalence in today’s fashion.

If you see the feature image, her oversize blouse, big buttons and high collar. To die for! So vintage but maybe to some the collar is a miss because, ya know, Dracula. But I say whatever. I need it and it would be fab with corduroy trousers. Another one that was considered old man’s pants and a disgusting material let’s not forget people’s marmite love for velvet. Now it’s probably the most favoured material.

Not long ago, denim on denim was yuk, and then all of a sudden the haters are lovers… I bet people reading are thinking “that was never the case” but it for sure was. I remember I tried to pull off denim on denim on holiday years ago and my girlfriend said “no. Just no.”

I’m mature enough to know now that anything goes, when ever!

Just love your fashion confidence! I know I certainly am.

I was once thinking about how when I was younger I used to put a waisted belt on everything and 14 year old me was like “thats so lame.” But it’s so ANY TIME!

Like… it is an amazing staple for your outfits. I can find maxi dresses look boxy on me somehow, so for something to cinch my waist… I’m going to find me a nice waisted belt to go with everything in my wardrobe!

Any features/statements from the past are welcome!

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