My summer obsessions that will be yours too! 

Everyone knows right? The straw floppy beach hats are like a must right now, in which I still haven’t found the perfect one? But yet they dominate my instagram? 


Long feminine skirts that nearly touch the ground in pastel colours or plain and have pretty little wave like fringes in the slits.

Giftry Pinterest 


Then there’s the stunning cat eye sunglasses, gold thick hoop earings and your slip on silk dresses.

Screenshot of Lucywilliams fashion blogger – fashion me now – slip on dress  

Emrata instagram screenshot – gold thick hoops 

Marieclairemag Instagram screenshot – kendal Jenner – sunglasses

The shoes that go with all of these pretty things… a good pair of trusty brown thin strap sandals and here’s a few of my favourite ones.



That’s a lot of staple items this summer, But where would you be without them! Not just for this year but for many more summer’s, these picture perfect outfits are are never dying fashion!


Abroad update – In a lust for lime

This lime dress has really hit it hard; To nightlife and sophisticated evening meals, switching the dress into a silk blouse, tucked inside jeans. What a dress hey! 

Wearing my extraordinary floral bag against the lime (hint of gold) dress, I feel multicultural. I’m hooked on this new switch up! Slender and exotic flowers are symbolic to both Chinese and Japanese cultures, with its aesthetic being bold and bright colours! 
Silk being a predominant material for centuries in Chinese clothing, and is still a beautiful fabric that will never vanish!

Apart from the dress’ elastic hold in the waist, the two fringes that fold like a petal at the front are different and interesting but I almost want to cover the line that holds them? 

It looks too frumpy on its own so I deside to use a black belt. It was hassle as the belt doesn’t have enough holes for my waist! So I just put the clip on the side and then tucked the tail end of the belt behind the belt. 

Abroad update – Flirty frocks 

This maxi dress fits me like a glove. The dreaded moment before entering the changing rooms, the final result – IT FITS! This being a big deal to me due to the fact my height is 5.1 and maxi dresses are always best suited for longer legs.

This dress was perfect for my Barcelona trip, blending with the ostentatious buildings and weathered grimmy streets; this dress was the perfect loose chiffon dress for Barcelona weather. The small pretty peach and blue flower prints made the dress playful, but the wrap around the chest and the tie-in at the waste gave the dress that flirtatious effect. 

This summer it is all about the froks and I’m almost disappointed that I didn’t invest in more. There is always next time…Catch me in my new froks when in Rome!

Abroad update – Switching from skirt to shorts! How to dress for two occasions

It’s our second night here in main land Spain and we are in love.
Heaven on earth
We decided to hit the town for a meal and ONLY a few drinks. But, we suddenly wound up at this bar and left 2 am with these guitarists just singing to us towards the end! 

It was a good job I had my shorts on for the night

I feel better in denim shorts for a night out. Either shorts or skirt but a good pair of denim shorts always looks best with a black belt. 
I coordinated black and blue together; Black is brilliant for night time outfits, and blue accessories seemed like a chic touch! 

My dangly earings which are royal blue give the outfit a real elegant feel and when you work your way down you get more of an edge to the outfit with the denim shorts and belt. The shoes which are great length give the entire outfit that sexy and sophisticated look.
My day to evening outfit

If you were to go without accesories in a bright/bold colour, both outfits could look a little flat, as there isn’t enough colour in the outfit alone to draw attention. 
I love the white skirt and it’s sweet shape. The metallic rings and zip at the front is daring and can take you through to the evening. But denim shorts for a night out on your holiday is my personal preference. 

To get my outfit:

  • Skirt and top – pretty little thing 
  • Shorts – H&M
  • Earings – Jasper Conran 

Versatile blogger award!!


I have been nominated by the lovely pastelbottlerocket! It means so much thank you again! Here is her link guys get following I love her reads!

The rules of this award are:

  1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you and share their link
  2. Nominated 10 other bloggers and share their links, male sure to tell them! 
  3. Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers do not know of.

My 7 facts!

  1. I like to eat and drink at the same time…gross but it’s a bad habit I keep doing😂
  2. I’m actually scared sometimes to wear really bright colours, bright pinks, yellows, greens and oranges freak me out because I’m so pale against them! I prefer to have those colours in accessories.
  3. I started this blog because I do journalism and thought a blog would be a really good thing to have and do on stuff I like…but I didn’t know what I liked SO MUCH to write about… I have always loved fashion and beauty, I have always had an eye for being creative with clothes so I thought I would do a blog on those (truthfully speaking because I thought it would be easy) the sooner I got into writing fashion and beauty blogs the more I became obsessed. In doing journalism I knew what avenue I wanted to go down! Fashion journalism. This blog has really opened my eyes of what makes me me and it’s my absolute love!!!!! It’s not easy at all, trying to find things to talk about to get my followers reading and liking! But I think I’m going a good job so far:) I just wish I had help like this when I was going through awkward stages to help me coordinate outfits and help me update myself on what styles suit my shape and height and everything else. 
  4. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 5 years and he’s one of my biggest supporters in my love of writing!
  5. I have a deep phobia of small spaces. It’s really bad! I have bad panic attacks.
  6. My blog is called Moda Theresa as a sort of spin off to my middle name and the fact it’s spoonerism, switching one or two letters for humorous affect!
  7. I have never been one to Netflix and chill. Never watched a series. I’ve tried and failed after half way into a one episode.  

Nominating in no particular order:

Just want to say thanks so much again to pastelbottlerocket for nominating me! This award is a great one because it shows my writing touches others and they are engaging with my own unique style of writing❤💙💜💚

Thanks guys!!!!!

Guys thanks so much for following and sharing your appreciation with my posts it means a lot it really does!!!! So so happy that I discovered this amazing blogging world and have some really fond followers! It’s an a amazing platform and such a great network to see everyone’s passions and I’m happy you guys love to read mine and help inspire me to create more blog posts of what I love❤

Abroad updates – blogging my summer outfits! 

I’m very much looking forward to sharing my outfits for the gorgeous spanish weather and how I managed to colour coordinate and put them together with accessories! Which lately has been my favourite part of an outfit. Also, uploading images alongside mine of my most absolute fave fashion bloggers who helped inspire my look.

Comment below if your going away anywhere nice, your favourite type of outfit to wear and accessories!

Salou by Jessica Morley

Safe tan with Dove cell moisturizing summer glow 

Fake tanning can be a pain. Its sticky and smelly and can often be streaky. 

But Dove summer revived tanning body lotion smells like biscuits!! Non streaky!! Very natural!!

This is my absolute go too bottle after I get out of the shower or bath. 

I noticed the result in just a day! This stuff is so much better for your skin as it clearly states it’s a cell moisturiser. Unlike ordinary fake tan that blocks your pores and makes you spotty.

I’ve seen so many reviews. I got the bottle and I’m a fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.s this bottle comes in fair to medium and medium to dark.

Tote bags can be more than just plain bags! 

Just as I was about to buy another bag for holiday, it struck me that my gorgeous interior designed tote bag was sitting at home. Practical room and brilliant compartments…but so plain! 

As I turned away from the bag, I saw on one rail, gorgeous thin neck scarves and the idea just came to me. 

This is my bag before

This is my bag now…

Here is another style…

I love the yellow, cream and black colours in the scarf because it looks lovely against the red background.
Here is how I done it…

  •  Be really carefully when piercing through the bag with scissors. 
  • If you want the fabric to have a bow or be a certain length just pull the inside for the length to be shorter or if you want it longer then pull the two ends of the scarf closer to you.                                                                                   If your tote bag is expensive and you don’t want to poke holes through it then it’s fine to just wrap the scarf around one of the handles. That would be a pretty touch!

      The Manuka doctor saves me everytime!

      In this post I want to talk about the Manuka doctor facial oil. My cosmetic draw is nearly full to the brim with Manuka doctor and dr. Organic!

      Photo by Jessica Morley.
       The bottle is just so cute for a start, I love the pump! Sometimes I wish it had an installed brush but st the same time, with the oil being in your hands you can apply it as a hand lotion. Great for the front of the hands and on your neck and brilliant for your eyelids.

      Those wrinkles will be there one day so it’s always good to be one step ahead!

      This should be applied before bed! Not in the day if you don’t like having a shiny face.

      This product takes a while to see the results. Perhaps 2 weeks before you start to notice your complexion becoming more of an even tone. 

      In the first week you will most probably experience a break out from using this stuff. You might not, but with the product being oil, It will certainly draw out some zits but when you continue to use it your skin becomes used to the product. 

      That doesn’t sound like the best of news, but trust! I hate zits more than anyone but I persevered and my face was just so glowing in the morning and through the day. 

      My makeup stayed on better through the day. 
      Hope this helped you guys! It cost me £12 from beauty bay! Hope you guys invest in this❤