A skin care routine is vital – a barrier against climate change

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From a young age my mum has always ensured me to practise good skin care. I believe my first SPF cream was at the tender age of 10.

Her words were “start now and you’ll thank me later” of course not all what she was saying was vanity reasons, lack of wrinkles and leathery skin as you age but against pollution.

I started to wear makeup at 12 and removing it with cleanser, a lotion and liquid base by Nivea. The dark colour that was left on the pad was not just orange but discolouring grey tone from my cheeks!That was pollution!

With The United Nations warning us that we are on course for a 3 degree jump my skin has definitely received the news.

As of late, my skin has just about cleared up. At the beginning of March, sunny temperatures arise and the overwhelming turn of events dawned – March last year we were all snowed in.

After our sunny few weeks, it was back to the norm, wet, windy and rain! My skin was not coping very well with the sudden change and with washing very often due to the gym I was in serious need of body butter. My skin was flaking and it was extremely painful where I had to go to the doctor. I practised moisturising for a month until my skin was better but it’s dawned on me that global warming is not a once and a blue moon thing and nor should we treat it as one.

I’m ready for a ritual:

I have been using the Lancôme beauty skin care pack for my face! A day and night moisturiser, Hydra zen yeux Eye serum and youth activating serum.

Also, Collagen tablets to make my skin look radiant ready for holidays, plus it’s great for reducing cellulite and healthy looking hair. Plus biotin! I have previously mentioned biotin tablets which concentrates on hair and nails in previous post.

As a reminder to keep this routine up I have an old picture of my Nan in her youth. She looked amazing at 80 and it was all down to her routine skin scare of washing face with just water and always moisturising! So simple yet effective.

I have a lot of deadlines to go through but there is no excuse to let myself go no matter how much “effort it requires”. We wouldn’t stop bathing now would we? We should all take skin care seriously, climate change is real and doesn’t just affect our oceans and environment but it is harmful to us. The people who actually live on this earth.

Skin care should be treated as a 5 minute “you” time. And I am all in, as a way of focusing my thoughts on one task, it can become a great form of meditation.

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