The fashion site I depend on this summer


So majority of my holiday clothes were from this amazing website that just has everything you want and see in a designer outlet but at an affordable price. “Roam” over to Romwe because “She’s in” ladies, I got great quality clothes and accessories and for very very cheap prices. From both Romwe and SHEIN.

That’s all a gal wants when she has spent thousands on a luxurious holiday to thailand. Yes, I have finally touched down in Phuket. After 4 hour long coach, 12 hour flight and another hour flight to Phuket. It’s been long and here I am still updating my lovely followers this is an important update. So if you haven’t found your beach bags or nice accessories for the beach get your fingers to tap on the link.

Here’s what I bought:

This simple white net bag that is so small in the packaging, you would think you could barely get anything in there but the netting is bare stretchie so don’t worry about cramming lot’s of water bottles, books, sun cream and snacks in there!

I am so glad I found a nice sheer throw over, it is so practical as well as pretty because the sides at the front are longer which ables you to wrap it around in the front like this.

A cute bangle that goes with everything and brings a bit of soft elegance against your bikinis is the best, compared to your usual beach jewellery. I nice metal band that can be worn on the wrist or higher part of your arm, to create that relaxed look. I find chained flashy beach wear… exactly flashy. Simple and pretty is my forte.

These sunglasses are really in at the moment. Really round with a thick white outline screams 50’s and 60’s fashion. If I wasn’t wearing yellow, all black with a red lip would make this bikini outfit hit other levels of vintage. There’s always another fashion post to make…

Until next time, in more of my SHEIN and Romwe gear…

Remmember to get clicking guys!

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