My day date look


I finally got to wear the sundress I wanted too because the weekend was glorious and it was my first weekend where me and Ben were both free all day so we made a day of it…. Well I did, shopping!

My nan’s cardigan came out with me on Saturday. Despite the lovely weather we had over the weekend in Wales. It was a must, to layer the way I did, the pop of colour was important for this dark dress. This kind of red makes everything light up very well. A denim jacket for the unpredictable weather that is Wales, the red cardigan wrapped around the waist made it look extra but also toned down and less girly. The Original Adidas trainers helped in the relax department too.

To bring some sass, cat eye sunglasses and some gorgeous earrings I bought in Wallis Debenhams in the sale!

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15 thoughts on “My day date look

    1. I know I went to new york before too and it was intense in the summer with the pollution and everything. Central park was my favourite! Thanks so much for following and reading lovely. Have a nice day xoxoxoxox


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