Upside down hair care


I was debating whether to put this image upside down to make my point, but that would be silly. The picture does clearly indicate messy hair, clearly my top tip was well in use, prior to this picture.


My hair has grown beyond belief. It is crazy how much it grew in just a year, from simply hanging my head upside down and giving my scalp a deep massage. It was the only thing I did everyday for a month and my hair grew 3 inches.

I remember buying hair extensions 3 months before, and what a waste that was, £80 down the drain, I never use them unless I need to make my hair look more volumised because my hair just grew so much.

It for sure seems like a myth and maybe for some this was, but patients is a virtue and here are my step by step guides just to give you the absolute lock down on this hair hack.


– Upside down massage works, rub your head for 1 minute in any Argon oil or coconut oil that will help condition the hair and also feel smooth rather than rough

– To speed things along take biotin tablets. They are amazing!!!! THEY ARE KNOWN FOR MAKING EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY HAIR GROWN LIKE BIG FOOT, whats wrong with a double shave everyday! Only joking, but it did make my arm hairs grow so long!!

– Always keep track, you may not see a difference but if you take picture of your growth and keep an album dedicated to your hair journey in your phone you can see the difference week by week.

– Eat lots of fish! lot’s of organic and fresh fish!

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4 thoughts on “Upside down hair care

  1. You have gorgeous hair girl! I’d kill for some natural waves and curls but mines bone straight. But I think that’s how it usually goes, we want what we don’t have, right?? Gonna give this a try! Especially after just chopping my hair off!

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