The mascara I’ve used since I was 16


(Cruelty free! See link below)

Yes, Rimmel London and we have spent many happy years together, you all may see mascara as just mascara but to me its my everything. As bloggers we are always up for trying new cosmetics and my bank account is evident to that… but hell to the no on switching this baby. I CAN NOT leave the house with out it on, I guess you could say that makes me a little insecure but when you have bleach blonde eyelashes like I do, your gunna need all the help you can get.

Rimmel London Extreme black Wonder’Full mascara has been my haven. I am blessed with long lashes anyways but this baby really extends them and make my eyes look bigger. This product will in fact help you in achieving naturally long lashes because it has Argan oil ingredients, so your basically giving yourself the extra treatment of looking gorgeous. Also, when I apply, it somehow intensifies my natural eye colour, they are blue but whenever I apply, but my eyes becoming deep blue. Wonder’Full covers all the hairs and gives them great volume, others ask if am wearing fake ones! I get it alllll the time, so I’ve never switched because I’m too loyal and in love.


Do you guys have any favourite products you just can’t part with?

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Link: Animal cruelty Free

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