Where I find Zen

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I don’t know if it is because I am consciously looking for any source that surrounds me with the feeling of harmony, but it has come to my attention mindfulness has certainly been found by so many. I can’t say it’s fact but it feels as though people are actively looking for mindfulness within modern day society. Most are delving into enlightened paths, not so much reaching enlightenment like the Buddha, but enlightening their senses to what makes them feel so trapped and erratic. Everyone is trying to find their place, as am I and found a little corner within my hometown that is just adorable.

For anyone visiting Wales and fancy taking some time out within their day to relax and get back in touch with yourself, WaterStone book shop in Cardiff should be on the top of your list. This is my 2nd best spot… the beach is first of course!

But I guess the beach doesn’t have this charming feel. When you walk in it’s so sweet and the quaint stairs lead you up to my favourite part of the shop, which is the spiritual writing and self help section. I took another detour in search of a mindfulness book and ended up with something more adventurous. I do tend to go for more thoughtful books nowadays, but like the buddha teaches about the ‘middle way’ and how too much of something can be bad – I agree and went for a fiction. Im already set for a more holistic book ready for the beaches in Thailand, a book by the monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh.

I sat down with all these books until I made a decision and the staff in their are so helpful and its great to see the place so busy and receiving lots of business. It really deserves it as it has a warm welcoming feel, with it’s own cafe… how can it not attract people. Sat there with a coffee and cake reading your books. I would be typing away in their cafe if I had the choice but my unfortunately my Mac was not with me.

But as I’m home and looking at my new displayed night stand, the showcase of books make me feel happier because books are so fulfilling and make me very sleepy. I don’t sleep that well so this is very therapeutic! Stacked up nicely with the help of my two marble horses passed down from my nan. She always makes a mark in my life. It’s been a great day! Oh, and this gorgeous brown leather book and pen from Waterstones is my trusty blogging book. Packed full of ideas and notes. Thanks Waterstones 🖤

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26 thoughts on “Where I find Zen

  1. Books are the gateway to another world, and I can relate to your love for them. 🙂 Reading books in a cafe especially feels so quaint and lovely. 🙂 I like how your photos have that old-school charm!

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  2. Hello there, this is just my kinda’ zen zone too! When I am stressed or want to do something calming I go to a bookstore with a coffee shop and spend hours reading and getting motivated too! ☀️♥️😊

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