It’s hard to change perfumes


Mon Guerlain perfume… you make it so darn easy.

An anniversary gift. Barely touched because it’s scent is so precious I don’t want to finish it. I asked for this for a birthday or Christmas present as soon as I smelt the sample paper inside the vogue magazine.

That’s when you know it’s the good stuff.

Made from Carla lavender, Sambac Jasmine, Album Sandelwood and Vanilla Tahitenis.

A rich and sensual feminine fragrance. The bottle is luxurious and the colour of the fragrance warm. It’s a smell that can hold you for the winter and summer.

The smell takes you through enriched history. The musky smell delves into femininity. A real pigment fragrance of evolutionary womanly flavours.

Delicate ingredients such as Vanilla amd Jasmine are really prevalent when you spray.

It stays with you like a tattoo as Angie likes to put it.

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