My summer obsessions that will be yours too! 

Everyone knows right? The straw floppy beach hats are like a must right now, in which I still haven’t found the perfect one? But yet they dominate my instagram? 


Long feminine skirts that nearly touch the ground in pastel colours or plain and have pretty little wave like fringes in the slits.

Giftry Pinterest 


Then there’s the stunning cat eye sunglasses, gold thick hoop earings and your slip on silk dresses.

Screenshot of Lucywilliams fashion blogger – fashion me now – slip on dress  

Emrata instagram screenshot – gold thick hoops 

Marieclairemag Instagram screenshot – kendal Jenner – sunglasses

The shoes that go with all of these pretty things… a good pair of trusty brown thin strap sandals and here’s a few of my favourite ones.



That’s a lot of staple items this summer, But where would you be without them! Not just for this year but for many more summer’s, these picture perfect outfits are are never dying fashion!

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