Abroad update – In a lust for lime

This lime dress has really hit it hard; To nightlife and sophisticated evening meals, switching the dress into a silk blouse, tucked inside jeans. What a dress hey! 

Wearing my extraordinary floral bag against the lime (hint of gold) dress, I feel multicultural. I’m hooked on this new switch up! Slender and exotic flowers are symbolic to both Chinese and Japanese cultures, with its aesthetic being bold and bright colours! 
Silk being a predominant material for centuries in Chinese clothing, and is still a beautiful fabric that will never vanish!

Apart from the dress’ elastic hold in the waist, the two fringes that fold like a petal at the front are different and interesting but I almost want to cover the line that holds them? 

It looks too frumpy on its own so I deside to use a black belt. It was hassle as the belt doesn’t have enough holes for my waist! So I just put the clip on the side and then tucked the tail end of the belt behind the belt. 

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