Versatile blogger award!!



I have been nominated by the lovely pastelbottlerocket! It means so much thank you again! Here is her link guys get following I love her reads!

The rules of this award are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and share their link
  2. Nominated 10 other bloggers and share their links, male sure to tell them!
  3. Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers do not know of.

My 7 facts!

  1. I like to eat and drink at the same time…gross but it’s a bad habit I keep doing😂
  2. I’m actually scared sometimes to wear really bright colours, bright pinks, yellows, greens and oranges freak me out because I’m so pale against them! I prefer to have those colours in accessories.
  3. I started this blog because I do journalism and thought a blog would be a really good thing to have and do on stuff I like…but I didn’t know what I liked SO MUCH to write about… I have always loved fashion and beauty, I have always had an eye for being creative with clothes so I thought I would do a blog on those (truthfully speaking because I thought it would be easy) the sooner I got into writing fashion and beauty blogs the more I became obsessed. In doing journalism I knew what avenue I wanted to go down! Fashion journalism. This blog has really opened my eyes of what makes me me and it’s my absolute love!!!!! It’s not easy at all, trying to find things to talk about to get my followers reading and liking! But I think I’m going a good job so far:) I just wish I had help like this when I was going through awkward stages to help me coordinate outfits and help me update myself on what styles suit my shape and height and everything else.
  4. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 5 years and he’s one of my biggest supporters in my love of writing!
  5. I have a deep phobia of small spaces. It’s really bad! I have bad panic attacks.
  6. My blog is called Moda Theresa as a sort of spin off to my middle name and the fact it’s spoonerism, switching one or two letters for humorous affect!
  7. I have never been one to Netflix and chill. Never watched a series. I’ve tried and failed after half way into a one episode.

Nominating in no particular order:

Just want to say thanks so much again to pastelbottlerocket for nominating me! This award is a great one because it shows my writing touches others and they are engaging with my own unique style of writing❤💙💜💚

9 thoughts on “Versatile blogger award!!

    1. I only do pure journalism in university but fashion jobs do take on journalism students as well as fashion journalism students because it’s the same writing quality and research skills xxxx

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    1. Hahaha ahhh that made me laugh thanks lovely I’ll keep an eye out want to see what you will put hehe! And omg it really is😍 and thanks so much i hope i do too xxxxxxxxxx

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