Tote bags can be more than just plain bags

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Just as I was about to buy another bag for holiday, it struck me that my gorgeous interior designed tote bag was sitting at home. Practical room and brilliant compartments…but so plain!

As I turned away from the bag, I saw on one rail, gorgeous thin neck scarves and the idea just came to me.

This is my bag before

This is my bag now…

Here is another style…

I love the yellow, cream and black colours in the scarf because it looks lovely against the red background.
Here is how I done it…

  • Be really carefully when piercing through the bag with scissors.
  • If you want the fabric to have a bow or be a certain length just pull the inside for the length to be shorter or if you want it longer then pull the two ends of the scarf closer to you. If your tote bag is expensive and you don’t want to poke holes through it then it’s fine to just wrap the scarf around one of the handles. That would be a pretty touch!

9 thoughts on “Tote bags can be more than just plain bags

  1. Oh wow, this is such a lovely idea!!! I love tote bags, but my shoulders can’t handle it… When I go on vacation, I walk a lot and I’ve learned the hard way that it hurts to wear a bag that’s heavy… I now go for a loose cross body purse. But it really is a stunning idea!! xoxo Sarah

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    1. It is isn’t it!!!! So pretty, I know what you mean, I always alternate and wear it on my arm but it all depends what’s in the bag! Best for a quick trip like airport trips. Because you are sitting down most of the time xxxxx

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  2. I really like this idea. I wouldn’t put holes in my bag, only because I am completely clumsy and terrible at anything remotely D-I-Y! This looks amazing though and I am tempted to tie a scarf around mine to make it look how you have done yours. Great post. xxxx

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    1. Awh that’s great to hear!!!!!! Thanks very much, Yeah you should defiantly try it out! I will alternate this scarf on the bag loads most probably always changing my mind hahaha xx

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