Amazing styles that will get you through the awkward temperatures. 

It’s finally spring! The sunshine now begins to peer through your curtains early morning and we are finally leaving the miserbale dark and cold mornings behind us. 

Despite this lovely sunny weather, there is still a chill in the air. I don’t know where you guys are from but I know here in Britian it’s still a little breezy at times, but so bright and sunny…it looks weird being in boots, scarves, and wooly jumpers now – so here are the best tips you can get for tackling the cold temperatures in summery clothes but still keeping warm. 

Topshop website.

denim jacket is a must have item and is defiantly your angel when it comes to the awkward weather temperature!

I will be mentioning a denim jacket with every outfit trend I suggest on this post! 

It’s so light but also keeps your body locked in for warmth. Underneath you can wear bright clothes like this model, striped tops are so in and the white jeans keep the outfit looking light. The thin statement scarf is brilliant if you want to keep your chest warm without looking like your still hung up on the winter weather.

Newlook website.

This lovely red cat print scater dress from Newlook is brilliant for looking summery and elegant but to keep yourself away from that cold breeze, wear black skin tights with grey slip on plimsolls or ankle boots with a denim jacket.

Photo by Jessica Morley. Newlook bag.

This red newlook backpack over a denim jacket would make this entire outfit even sweeter – a very college student look.

Photo by Jessica Morley. Instagram.

I know it’s another red dress but this time its ribbed and its longer. Any colour will do, chuck your favourite trainers on (mine being original Adidas) and then add your denim jacket. Such an easy and simply style – to look more edgy perhaps use a choker like I have in this picture. Plus I felt a bit too summery with just a dress and the denim jacket with there were a few clouds in the sky, so I just added a plain black shirt sleeved top and tighed it up at the front. 

6 thoughts on “Amazing styles that will get you through the awkward temperatures. 

  1. Zoe

    I’m actually from Australia – and in the part where I live its practically just summer all the time.. which might sound good (which it is:) – but also means we don’t really get to experience different seasons and don’t get to experiment a bit more with fashion + layers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jesstmxo

      Yes I don’t think you can experiment in that sort of weather! But there are a lot of summer outfits us brits would just love to early slip on without looking like we are going to Miami beach haha! It be so nice to skip on a sleeveless dress but we can’t. X


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