How to alternate your shirts for any season!

If you follow a lot of fashion accounts on social media and have recently scrolled through your news feed, you may of guessed its fashion week. If you didn’t know, fashion week happens twice a year, wherein fashion designers flaunt their new upcoming clothing line for the current seasons. If you are a fashion lover, your eyes have most probably been fixed on your phone screens and no doubt got yourself in trouble with your mates and lecturers for not listening. If you have been keeping a watchful eye, you must of seen the amazing styles of shirts popping up recently. From famous fashion bloggers on Instagram, to fashion magazines, all of who have been bombarding us lately with trendy and flamboyant ways to wear a shirt. You’re probably thinking, shirts are shirts, but I’m certain this post wont loose your attention, whether or not you live and breathe fashion, here are five trendy shirt styles to help inspire you.


Famous fashion blogger, Pallavi Signh Ruhail, made this look go viral last year and is a recurring trend this year in Vogue February edition.


Vogue February edition, model Selena Forrest, works the back to front shirt in ‘Shirting The Issue’ chapter.


This over sized bamboo patterned shirts in the Blumarine pre-collection for SS17, brings a romantic and elegant feel to the outfit, perfect for the summer.


A complimentary collaboration of layers. The safari shirt from Zara and the turtle neck underneath go great together for the harsh weather.


Missguided suggest using a shirt as more of an accessory than anything else, a very under rated co-ordination to make your style instantly edgie.


How to alternate your shirts for all the seasons! Inspired by Vogue

This post is inspired by the Vogue February edition and Vogue has backed up my latest post with the suggestion of wearing your shirts front to back.

I love this womans look (on the left) with the beautiful white buttoned dress, featuring the (sort of) denim looking shirt and tied at the waist. I like the idea of using your shirt as more of an accessorie. Very elegant. Lots of class.

This dress is going on my to buy list and I’m going to use either my denim jacket or just my striped blue shirt to go with it.
Excited for the spring season! How about you guys?

Comment below what fashion trends your looking forward to wearing in the upcoming season.