Fur Fashion Lovers!

I am diving into this seasons fur trend being the must have item to add to your winter wardrobe.

(I’m sorry that I am picking some expensive brands. I just think they show more quality and brave the weather better. They have been coming back continuously now in the winter season so it’s worth spending a little more to save yourself spending each year.)

John Lewis – a lovely faux fur head band to wear with a nice leather jacket and Culottes or jeans. with even slip on vans or Adidas kicks. Dress up or down! This item makes you look effortlessly stunning for the winter month how ever you wear it.

When I got on my platform for the train, I saw a few poeple wearing fur headbands and I was in awe. Now I seriously need to get in gear and get one!

This beautiful, anyway you wear it, scarf – from ASOS, is a brilliant peice to add to glam up your wardrobe. Whether you wear it around your arms, over the shoulders and across your chest or even wear it with casual wear, the colour and style is brilliant for any occasion. Luxury and class all the way.

You can get a really toastie look with this gorgeous Gilet from OASIS. Wear knit underneath and you will be hugging yourself like a teddy. A nice trendy day time look.

Hope you guys look into adding something fury to your outfit as it’s so gorgeous and such a statement item to have at the moment and defiantly worth looking into. Venture out and go beyond these products shown and let me know if you have seen anything, have bought already.

Thanks for reading! x

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