Autumn/ Winter Makeup 

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It’s a new season and what a great time to change your makeup bag with some beautiful dark tonal colours. I’ve asked many women what their favourites are for winter time and the responses varied.

When I spoke to the women they all started with eyeshadow pallets and Morphe350 was on all of their lips.

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Morphe was clearly this seasons top choice for a mix of warm winter colours. Due to its effortless versatile looks for the day or night time glam. The burgundy and dark grey toned browns were the most favourite choice for every day or evening wear. This pallette defiantly has the right amount of matte and shimmer in one platte.

One of the makeup brands that most of the women spoke about buying for their lipstick was of course MAC. When ever I’m on a night out and need emergency lipstick asap, or compliment someone I always get the answer, ” I have MAC. ”

Whirl (right) & Velvet Teddy (left) has been everyone’s top choice due to it’s lovely natural colours. MAC is such a reliable product to buy with it’s long lasting matte affect making it such a popular brand.

Hang Up (left)  has a deep berry colour that screams sas & Party Line (right) has a more red tone plum colour. These being more edgier colours to wear for night time glam.

I have found a lot of people favoured the more quality and expensive brands of makeup. I also came across women who loved more affordable brands for the exact same quality as products already mentioned.

Topshop and Kiko also seemed to be a trend especially for students. A quick and easy reliable appliance for everyday or a much needed drink after uni!

Kikos water eyeshadow creates a bright and pure luminosity with amazing coverage and is for sure long lasting. Just on its own this eyeshadow is a must have for a simple dark tone affect. The young women also swore by the Topshops satin finish lipstick for a classic chic look which would go lovely with the Kiko eyeshadow. Two little pocket must haves and your good to go.

13 thoughts on “Autumn/ Winter Makeup 

  1. lovejennyxo

    So many people rave about MAC velvet teddy, so one day i went to the MAC store tried it and it was love at first sight! Anddd that kiko red lipstick, I must have. I’ve never actually heard of seen that brand before, any suggestions as to where I’d be able to find it?

    xo, JJ

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