Skirt alert💜

A series post on skirts🌸

This posts is just a little shout out to my friends and family who are relishing in this falls major staple. Skirts galore.

Lauren. H.

Such a stunning winter look! Here my friend has got it completely right, a long sleeve grey ribbed snug top, black tights and she has evened it out perfectly with the dark tonal colours. ( I love the bag .)

Where from??

Emily .M.

My sister, My forever soul mate. She pulls this off so elegantly. She is daring the weather with her strappy top this winter season but at least she has the rain coat. Skinned tights Emily? Defiantly loving this skirt. You could add a dark green scarf or bag to which would make a lovely ‘quirky’ touch to the outfit.

Emily .M.

Her all in black look is effortlessly chic. I’m literally in love with this look. to make it more fitting for the weather of course, you’d need to add a coat, perhaps a denim jacket with skin tone tights or a nice wooly cut off the shoulder jumper. The jumper should be very slouchy but not too big where it covers up the flower detail on the skirt. Prefabably in charcoal grey or maroon you can get these in H&M.

Where from?

  • Two skirts from boohoo,
  • The red jacket from a charity shop,
  • The red body suit from urban outfitters and the black top from TOPSHOP x
Gina .C.

Adore!!! such simple items but put together they look incredible! I really like her socks showing above her Doc boots and the top coming over the skirt rather than tucked in. You can get a quarter sleeved top like this in H&M and primark for something quick and cheap. If you want more quality here’s a lovely top in OASIS.

Where from??

Isabel .M.

These last two blue denim ones are so cute! I think this one has a more sweeter look to it. The colour on her loose frilled strappy top is very warm, she can wear a nice wooly Cardigan and a scarf – pulling off an incredible indie outfit along with her rucksack.

Where from??

  • Denim button up Skirt Primark!

I would love to here all your comments on which look you prefer. I’m interested to see🤗 thanks for reading x