ALERT! What is hot for winter💥🛍


Would you believe it…Yes it’s freezing now BUT skirts are the one. You just put on some lovely warm thermal tights (and they genuinely look like any normal thin type tights.) You will be looking and feeling hot anywhere you go. You can get thermal tights from-> Peacocks

Number 1.)

  • Here is a lovely floral dark tone skirt with a Satan finish. I love this outfit because no matter where you go and what you wear with it the skirt just blends into any occasion 
  • It’s casual and its luxurious! Meal out, shopping or even school!
  • I’d defiantly wear this to uni with a nice long coat BUT defiantly tights. Brrrrrrrrr

Number 2.)

Oh how nervous am I to try this on! But you got to start somewhere

Some clothes can be daunting, on first appearance. I’ve had more than my share of “I’m not going to bother trying to put that on me omg it will look awful” and 9 times out of 10 just out of curiosity I try it on and I’m so WRONG

  • Animal print always seems like a dated fashion in my eyes. But it always comes back. Whether its because I’ve grown up with fashion more and more but i am starting to really love the animal print. However, every time it comes out I’m always cautious of when I buy something like this I think ‘will it leave again soon.’ The Answer to my own question is yes but at the same time, no. Keep those animal prints because they always make another break through. (Depending on style)
  • I’m determined to get this skirt because so much can go with this…

…Like these baby’s 

  • Over the knee boots are so in right now and they are amazing boots especially with the low heel. You don’t look so bold and out there with the low heel, the suttle heel makes the boots look so sweet and casual but also high end
  • They defiantly bring the wardrobe together with your skinny jeans and any top!!!!!!!! Even a baggy plain t-shirt! Anything goes with these boots. 

ESPECIALLY with this nnext skirt…

This grey wooly looking skirt

  • It just screams this seasons go to winter wear
  • The tie up at the front and the colour gives it so many elements…interview skirt. Work uniform. From formal and sophisticated events to meals and nights out, friends house, shopping and school. All these casual events would go with the over knee boots!!!!  

I hope you found this post helpful as it will start to become my on going idea for posts. As I feel like it would be beneficial to be updated you with the latest and what’s best to wear clothes for this season. This post has souly focused on just newlook skirts and next time I’ll add more diversity but this was just a preview. My lovely followers have probably come to know now my obsession for newlook with its amazing quality clothes and reasonable prices🌷 

Winter is here now and its time to get  shopping💵💵💵💵 

Happy shopping guys x