My best makeup mashup❤

I use Este lauder and maybelline. TOGETHER!

Maybelline is such a creamy and moisturising foundation I feel like it makes my face patchy without anything else. Este lauder keeps my skin looking intact all day no patches. Due to its thickness. Double Wear Of Course;) 

However este lauder on its own kills my skin. I have resulted in achney and dry skin because of este lauder but I just love it’s long lasting affect😣

So I come up with the idea of using both

Using my technique foundation brush I mix together and then apply.

With that same dish which is my bronzer, from superdrug sunkiss, a very old brand from years ago, I use my sculpting brush for contouring.

I used to use my egg but there is so much blending involved I have no effort. With this brush I take just a few dabs on the cheek and smooth out 2x so easy and under the jaw line.

Then my all time favourite highlighter!!! MUA such a cheap highlighter with amazing qualitie. The shine is stunning and stays on for hours hours hours hours all day!!!!