My very don’ts

Here comes the rant, not my most glowing post.

I really need something after washing my face to give my eyes a bit of a boost but this Simple eye roll on does nothing for me it’s just moist dampness on the bottom of my eyes and does not take away the tiredness look or makes my dark circles blemish. Very bad product would not buy again. If anyone is free to comment and love to know what works for you.

The maybelline pore eraser

Is in fact more of a promotion for your pores. When ever I’ve used it my pores look more exposed and my face is so greasy. Currently on the hunt. 

I believe I got this from either amazon or eBay  (obviously perfectly seiled) but I managed to find one thing that help one of my problems which was a shiny greasy face. 

This Garnier oil control is amazing!!! Helps me so much with work I don’t look like a greasy slob at the end of the shift😂😂 the lemon essence is rather stronf but it’s brilliant and really helped my confidence because I was sick of putting foundation over my skin to cover my naturally oily T zone. Thanks Garnier ❤❤❤❤❤❤