My weapon to make my hair stay immaculate all night

Beauty review, Style


Nothing has come close to what this hair spray does for me on a night out. wearing hair spray is annoying snd it gets stiff and hard to comb out in the morning but you need to keep those curls in right? Well dont worry about your hair looking stiff with just one spray like some would…

…Because this bottle does wonders for you! My hair looks so natural and loose. It is onky until you reach for my hair and actually feel the texture after hairspray you realise I’m wearing some. It’s amazing.

Here’s my hair when I went out for prom at the beginning (it’s the only proper before and after pic I have.)


You can faintly see by the end of the night picture the curl is still prominent😎 it’s such a brilliant product but obviously still withholds the annoying hair spray feature of trying to comb it out-It’s very hard so always brush from the bottom up of your hair so you don’t pull your hair out x