Clean off!!! 

Its time to take my makeup off!!!!  I love this part as well as putting my makeup on. It’s just so refreshing and it makes your skin so soft.

I use Nivea! I have been for the last year and I’ve been meaning to change it up but for now Nivea is a very good product to have. 

I always buy the two cleansers to get that real cleansing affect. The lotion is really good for taking your foundation off and really lifts it off your face. Not even just makeup, you can use for taking off the built up dirt on your skin from just your every day activities, a simple walk around the town or sitting inside the house. You would be suprise how just a lazy day can make your face so dirty. The pollution and even being in doors your face builds up so much dirt. 

I use the miceller water for my second rinsing and to take off my eye make up. This lifts the product off your face better than the lotion.

The annoying thing about  cleansers is that you seem to pay so much for the cotton pads! This leaving people to buy the face wipes which are not 100% reliable. I always get my cotton pads from primark which are 50p and superdrug for 99p they are usually very expensive in boots and never like to pay their prices. 

  • Dont forget to use on your neck as well as face as your neck is very important and you will be surprise how much dirt you consume in that area!!!!!! 
  • I resultd in acne on my kneck from not taking care of that area. This is essential for me to do, cleaning the kneck area.