Why NOT to use dry shampoo products and what to replace it with

Any dry shampoo products are harmful to your hair and scalp. A huge no no. No matter how much it helps and is convenient to you for every day ocations. It’s so incredibly harmful and I’ll tell you all the things that happens when using dry shampoo   

  • The ingredients used in dry shampoo
  • It drys your hair out and used so many times you begin to itch your scalp and the ingredients leaves patches in your hair line where the hair eventually falls out due to lack of  natural oil
  • The bottom of your hair becomes brital and dry

My hair dresser warned me that my hair was in bad condition about 2 years ago and asked what I had been doing to it and said “Just brushing normally and using pantene…oh and dry shampoo.” She was not happy as I shouldn’t use dry shampoo all the time. 

I couldn’t believe this and was devastated as I’m too busy and don’t have the time to wash my hair every morning but there was no way I was going to go out with greasy hair. 

But then I came across TALC!!!! 

I know I’m showing a picture of nivea fine talc as this is the product I use but you can by any.

Talc has helped me so much as it’s more moisturising and yet still keeps my hair looking dry and not greasy. So soft and light and easy on my hair.  It can sort of stick a little so just damp your hand and run through areas that are more white or really light on your hair to reduce this.

My hair dresser noticed a massive difference guys🗝

QUIT YOUR DRY SHAMPOO!!!  be kind to your hair🌷