Quit that bloated tummy

I AM A LATE NIGHT SNACKER!!!! it’s bad but I can’t help it, you shouldn’t have to feel guilty if your hungry, just eat! You can’t sleep with your stomach gurgling all night. 

So help yourself. Don’t eat high in fat or carb foods like toast and crisps because you’ll gain weight quick!!!!

Here’s what I try to eat late at night 

I always have porridge! Atilicois brand is expensive but so worth it. I’ve bought cheaper brands but the oats are like crums and not fresh tasting if that makes sense? 

  • With the small sache, cut the top off where it says and poor the oats into the bowl 
  • The milk goes into the empty sache and poor into the bowl, give a little stir
  • Put into microwave for 1 minute and keep an eye on it 
  • If dry add tiny bit of milk 

I love to add honey to my porridge as it’s just too plain and I randomly put sliced grapes in my porridge because it’s surprisingly lush!!!! I slice them because I find it better to chew than a full grape? I’m weird. 

Here’s my finishing result! If you guys try it let me know in the comments how you like it!!! Be interesting to see, plus it doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s so filling😮 so it keeps you fuller for longer x 

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