Another fun switch it up outfit

The weather is currently miserable here in Britain. But my outfits not! 

2x nice and simple outfits you can wear and still pull off an edgie and indie look by just changing two items of clothing.

  • Here is a really relaxed look…shop here 
  •  Select and primarkNewlook and H&M for a cheaper purchase rather than your main stores like Urban Outfitters and Topshop for you to get this sort of style. 
  •  With the simple plain top with slits on the sides, you can easily create yourself. Buy any random long short sleeved top and cut the sides to make slits. As you tend to pay more for tops already made with slits

The second look…(Being my favourite) is using two of the same item thus being the top and jeans, but just changing the jacket and shoes to make your outfit look high end and sexyyyyy!

  • A normal sized heel in a nice statement colour to make the outfit come together and pop bresking uo the top and coat as they are heavy dark colours. 
  • The mom jeans give it that edgy, classy laid back feature to the outfit. 
  • The leather jacket is also a great feature instead of a Cardigan going best with the heels.

 (If you do wear a Cardigan with heels, it’s best not to have a nitted Cardigan as it won’t look right. Make sure the Cardigan is a thing material and is long flowing. Preferably grey as displayed in next picture) 


27 thoughts on “Another fun switch it up outfit

  1. coffeeandcoats

    Love your blog!! I love the leather jacket btw!! Would love it if you could check my blog as im following you:) Im new so would love some support!! xx

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