My life saving mascara 

Hey everyone! Just like to start off by saying thanks again for liking and following my blog and post last night! Such positive comments and I can’t wait to get started❤

Mascara is an essential part of my make up routine! If I can’t be bothered doing the whole of my face, I have to put mascara on my eyes or I feel self-conscious. I am very fare haired and my lashes are ultra blonde and you won’t see them.

As you can see, they don’t look ultra blonde because I do get my eyelashes dyed ready for the summer that has just gone.


Here is my most favourite mascara product I have ever used with Rimmel. I don’t bother much with fake eyelashes because I feel the appliance with this product is enough for you, and already creates that affect of long lashes. 

The main important ingredient to this mascara which makes your eyelashes look so amazing is that the product has Moroccan oil in it, so your lashes are coated with more healthy and hydrating ingredients. With each appliance my lashes do not feel stiff or dry as the oil soaks in and gives them such a natural look.

Look how extended and full they look after two sweeps front and back – (With any mascara you must apply to the back especially when you have fare eyelashes. I used to forget and people taller than me used to say my eyelashes looked grey from the back.)

Try and cover each eyelash possible to get that great affect of natural lashes. I do this because I don’t like my lashes looking clumpy and this product minimises that anyways so you don’t have to stress too much but it’s just what I like to do – since using this product I have had endless comments of “Do you wear fake eyelashes?”, “OMG your lashes look so natural…. do you curl them.” Lucky for me I don’t but you can get lovely curling stations in boots or superdrug.

I’ve loved seeing so many different reviews of mascara and how to apply for different people and the affects look amazing! I hope you guys find the time to look in to it or even purchase this amazing mascara. Thank you for taking the time to read my review I hope I was helpful x

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