Starting off 

Hey my names jess and I’m creating this blog because I’ve wanted too for a long time now on fashion and beauty. I love having a routine but it’s just so hard to stick too! No matter how hard you try to stick notes all over your room, pop ups on your phone you can fall into lazy habits and your back to the drawing board. Today I’m back to the drawing board! I’ve let my beauty tips slide and my acne has come back on my kneck and slowly to my chin area:( it really puts me down and I try a lot of things so I just wanted to create this blog to help spread the word of what I believe is a amazing. I know my bio says fashion too so I will be posting my go to shops for everyday, uni and how to wear things so many times with out it being so noticeable😋 just loads of fun amazing tips I find useful day to day❤

10 thoughts on “Starting off 

    • jesstmxo

      Awh it’s a horrible thing! Something that makes people so insecure! You wouldn’t wish it on anyone, I shall check it out just give me a comment and ill be sure to have a look would love to see what has worked for you thanks for the support xxx

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